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Buying the Best Grocery Tote Bags – Guide

When I think of grocery tote bags, the first image emerging in mind is one of those annoying disposable shopping bags blowing in the wind around my neighborhood. However, that scene is far from being the worst one when I continue dwelling upon millions of people bagging their groceries into plastic disposables which results in hundreds of tons of plastic filling our landfills every single day. Fortunately, the modern industry comes up with lots of alternatives to plastic bags including tote bags that are now much more eco-friendly.

Personally, I find these great items really comfortable and absolutely versatile. Either you’re a trendy mall shopper, a park visitor, or just want to have one in your pocket to grab your daily food supplies you can always find the right kind, size, and style of a tote bag on the market. Besides, tote bags are normally much sturdier and more durable which means I can carry heavier cargos which is ideal for grocery shopping.

Although the numerous advantages of tote bags are quite obvious, a lot of people, including some my friends, keep packing their foodstuff into plastic disposable bags and get really surprised when they hear my remarks on this issue.

5 Reasons to Take Your Own Grocery Tote Bags to the Shop

  • Tote bags help to save the environment.
    My biggest intention to switch for tote bags comes from realizing that a single plastic bag might need from 15 to 1000 years to decompose. And even when it does, it dissolves into toxic elements that continue poisoning the surrounding. Have you ever seen those poor animals who have suffocated because they have swallowed a piece of a plastic bag?
    While millions switch to electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions, buy solar panels for their homes to cut down the usage of fossil fuels, or even donate to environmental protection organizations on a regular basis, the majority continue packing their stuff into plastic bags without the slightest remorse.What’s the point of driving an electric car and continue packing your grocery in plastic disposables?
    In my opinion, if you want to go green, you need to use every single opportunity to decrease the human pressure on the environment. That’s why I always have my own grocery tote bags when I go shopping.
  • Tote bags hold more and are much sturdier.
    I guess many of you have been in a situation when you or a supermarket bagger puts too many heavy items into your plastic bag so that its handle breaks when you try to pick it up. Not only are the tote bags designed to carry heavier loads, they are also much more durable and reliable when it comes to carrying objects with sharp corners like a box of cereals for example. The latter can turn your plastic bag in a complete mess before it even makes it to your car’s trunk.
    Tote bags are usually made of polyester, thick paper or cotton canvas which means they are more durable and can be used many times. Besides, they often feature reinforced handles as well as offer base stiffener inserts to withstand excessive wear and tear.
  • Reusable tote bags are convenient for large items.
    Lots of foods at the grocery store come in boxes, packs, bottles, cans, and so on. That’s why I always take a couple of grocery tote bags to fit the stuff in space-efficiently. You might be surprised how many items you can put into one bag that offers a practical form. So, instead of having three or five plastic bags with my grocery looking like a mixed salad inside, I’d rather fit everything orderly into one or two bags that will keep the form and ensure all the items are inside when I’m back home.
  • Grocery totes are easy to store.
    These items can be kept in tight places since they are made to fold up flat for easy storage. In my car, one can always find a couple of these bags in the glove compartment or in the trunk. Unlike plastic bags, they don’t try to unfold ‘on their own’ and take almost no space while can be used for a variety of reasons, so why not have them handy?
    Another great thing I like about storing grocery tote bags is that they don’t produce that nasty swishing sound if I suddenly decide to grab one early in the morning to do some shopping while everyone else’s still asleep.
  • They are stylish.
    Since many stores have now begun offering customers to switch to reusable bags, there have appeared plenty of creative and stylish designs resulting in a much better appeal than a conventional plastic bag.Although I wouldn’t call a grocery tote bag a serious accessory, you will definitely look trendier while strolling in a mall with a colorful tote bag matching your overall style. So if your stylish city backpack has suddenly let you down, you can easily substitute it with a custom imprinted tote bag without a serious damage to your image.

Reusable Tote Bags: Pros and Cons

With so many positive words said about the reusable tote bags, it’s important to note some of their weak sides too. The major concerns regarding the use of grocery tote bags are as follows:

  • Recent studies have shown that some manufacturers might use potentially hazardous lead which may affect the food that is carried in the bag. Although there’s no immediate evidence that would point to a direct harm of using this sort of gear, personally I normally prefer buying the bags that have no prints and can consequently contain smaller amounts of lead.
  • Since tote bags are reusable, harmful bacteria and other microorganisms may develop in them resulting in food quality deterioration. However, that can normally be avoided if you wash the bag regularly.
  • Not suitable for meat.
    Although it is possible, Ialways try to avoid using tote bags for carrying greens and meats. This sort of food can spoil the fabric and make the bag unusable as well as dispose the foods to the bacteria that the bag may harbor. That’s why I normally use this type only for dry and packaged items.

Top 5 Reusable Bags for Shopping

Reusable Reinforced Handle Grocery Tote Bag Large

Simplicity and rugged design is probably what I like most about this model which, I believe, is one of the best grocery tote bags available on the market. It comes with a covered removable base stiffener which can be used for better stability and easier load while its generous sizing will allow fitting any of your grocery purchases. In addition, the handles are sewn along the entire wall of the bag resulting in extra carrying strength and durability.

On the Web, I found plenty of positive feedback on this item due to its multiple great features. First of all, its recycled propylene fabric is strong, durable, and tear-proof so you can load it up with no problems at all. The stitches are not pulled and are made in high quality. There’s no ‘chemical’ smell so you don’t have to wash it right after you get it from a store. Another nice feature this bag offers is that it’s an inch wider and almost two inches deeper than a standard paper bag which is really convenient if you’re buying larger items.

Find out more details on Amazon.

Reusable Grocery Tote Bag Large Black

If you’re looking for some really good grocery tote bags, these items might be the right choice for you. Made of recycled non-woven polypropylene available in twenty-four different colors, they will ensure your grocery or boutique trips are both comfortable and stylish. The fabric is rigid enough to stand upright which is really convenient to place things inside while the long 19-inch gusset strap is long enough for the purpose and will allow for carrying large items.

The majority of positive customer reviews prove that the bag has been sewn and designed with the consumers’ needs in mind. It’s strong and is not as flimsy as the majority of bags made of windbreaker fabrics. The bag is tall and narrow which is great for boxy items like packs with cereals, toys, or paper towels. Finally, these bags are attractive and provide customers with a sense of dignity while carrying their groceries.

Get more details on this item on Amazon.

Reusable Produce Bags – Premium Washable Bahr Eco Mesh Bags

I find this set of five reusable grocery tote bags really convenient when it comes to purchasing all sorts of greens, fruit, and vegetables. Not only are these bags a great alternative to wasteful plastic bags, they also offer plenty of useful features such as the breathable mesh, color-coated tags for improved sorting, and a comfy pop-lock for easier handling. They can be easily folded and will take really little space in your pocket so you can have the whole set with you for your big grocery shopping day.

The majority of customers love the breathable fabric that washes up really easy and can be machine washed as well. Many have called these bags multifunctional and able to accomplish multiple tasks such as carrying, washing, and storing. One of their greatest advantages is that you can wash your fruit or vegetables while they’re still in the bag which is very convenient if you’re picnicking or while you’re on the go. Besides, there’s no need to take out your produce before putting it in the fridge.

Click here for further details on this item.

3 Piece Large Collapsible Shopping Box Set – Planet E by Eco-Stream Charcoal

This set of three great grocery tote bags can hold up to 30 pounds andoffers convenience and flexibility for all kinds of your shopping activities. The bottom board along with the sturdy polypropylene material provides a sturdy form and can be easily accessed due to a specially designed loop so you can remove it fast and fold the bag to be stored flat. As for me, the model’s exterior features an attractive design so you can be sure you’ll get compliments when you use it in the checkout line.

A lot of customers have opted for this tote set since it offers quite spacious bags that are fairly-priced and look nice. Although they’re not the biggest size, they work perfectly well and can easily carry two gallons of milk which are quite heavy. Not only can they fit a lot of groceries inside, but they also stack nicely in a regular shopping cart as well as are rigid enough for excellent stability in a car’s trunk.

Go here for more info on this item.

Original Authentic Reusable Grocery Grab Bag 

If I was to buy a couple of the best grocery tote bags, I’d probably opted for the Grab Bag due to theirimpressive durability, functionality, and a great design. These tote bags can expand to carry up to 40 pounds which, I believe, is more than enough to hold a weekly grocery supply for an average family. The bags also feature such user-friendly features as a Velcro closure and a couple of pockets to keep your belongings handy while shopping.

Grab Bags got plenty of positive feedback from customers due to their ease of use. One of the most practical features many pointed out is the possibility to attach the bag to the shopping cart to add and rearrange the items inside while walking through the supermarket. In addition, the mold-resistant nylon ensures your food will always stay fresh and clean no matter how long you use the bag.

Get the price and more details on this item on Amazon.

Bottom Line

Since many countries have introduced single-use plastic shopping bags ban, grocery tote bags, that are available in a wide variety of colors and designs, make up a great alternative. They are multi-purpose accessories that provide a comfy way of transporting items. Their form and construction, as well as the fabrics that can resist moisture and mold, offer clients a new level of comfort for their shopping experience. Many of them are made of recycled materials that help to reduce the human impact on the environment.

By admin | Post date: September 09, 2017

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