How to Shop Mesh Produce Bags

How to Shop Mesh Produce Bags

For those who are doing their best to shop responsibly and live with minimum waste, there has always been one problem — keeping produce fresh without putting it in a plastic bag. Plastic bags do have a purpose. They keep produce clean, and away from other contaminable things, and without one, the vegetables do not stay as fresh in the crisper or refrigerator. So, what do you do when you need plastic bags? Buy a set of reusable ones, of course, and take them with you. How can you buy them? What is the best way to shop for reusable mesh produce bag, and which are the best kind to buy?

A big problem with buying fresh vegetables from the organic section of the grocery store, the farmer’s market, or from the local food delivery service, is that when it came time to put the greens in the fridge, there was no bag for them. When these vegetables are delivered, sometimes they just got shoved into any corner and when it came time to take them out again, often they just went straight into the garbage. They looked beautiful when they went into the fridge, but not so fresh and crisp when they came out. Yes, reusable mesh produce bags can help you avoid this problem.

Advantages of cotton bags

These bags are perfect and just what you need. They come in different sizes, and they are washable. Take them shopping and buy the produce and put it in the bag right there. No more hunting for the right bag in the store, or in your home. And the vegetables stay fresh in the bag. You can manage the bag so that it keeps the vegetables fresher for longer than you would expect. If the greens are wilting or even rotting and contaminating the bag, remove the item, give the bag a rinse to get rid of the unpleasant stuff and put the washed items back in the bag. This can be a big time-saver for those who like to do all their prep at once.

Best of all, they let the produce breathe when it is in the fridge. One of the problems with refrigerators and delicate vegetables is that the air in the fridge is too cold and too dry and so tends to spread the problems around. Reusable mesh produce bags keep everything protected.

But more than that

These bags can be used for other things, too. If you shop for one set of bags, buy another. You can keep one set free for using as lunch bags for all your family, or even for cooking with. You can use one of the small bags as a teabag, a strainer bag, or an infuser bag. Use the bags for straining cheese, or yoghurt. They work perfectly, and just throw them in the washing machine afterwards.

Being ‘mostly green’ just doesn’t cut it, especially when reusable bags are so versatile, and for a very small investment of time and money, you can be completely in charge of your own kitchen, your own cooking and your own food storage. Life is easier when the little problems are solved! Find your reusable produce bags at the Organic Cotton Mart.