Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Canvas Shopping Bags

The modern world has come with a lot of conveniences, and plastic has powered a lot of those; but at what cost? With plastic being found on the ground all over cities, in rivers, and piling up on the oceans, we need to find alternatives when it comes to disposable products.

Plastic bags have turned into an ecological issue, but there are alternatives for you to use to do your part in reducing the amount of plastic ending up in the environment—and those are canvas shopping bags. What are the benefits of using an eco-friendly canvas shopping bag?

Canvas Shopping Bags are Cost Effective

If you looked through the kitchen of most houses in the past few decades, you would have been highly likely to find a stockpile of plastic bags filled with plastic bags.

In previous decades, these bags were free at checkout, but within the last decade, many governments, in an effort to curb trash and promote the reduction of limited use plastic, have started requiring grocery stores to put a fee on plastic bags (often, 5 or 10 cents).

That may not be a lot per grocery trip, but over a year or longer, it’ll add up. That means a single purchase of one or two canvas shopping bags will save you money in the end.

Canvas Bags are Larger and Stronger than Plastic Bags

A benefit that might seem obvious, but which should be pointed out, is that a canvas shopping bag is designed to be larger than the average shopping bag, and also much stronger.

When you go to the grocery store for a large amount of groceries, you could end up getting several (maybe 6 or 7) plastic bags, more if you have to double bag to support heavier items. But with the canvas bag, and its size and strength, you’re likely only going to need at most 3 or 4 bags, depending on if you want to separate your groceries by type, or temperature.

Also, conveniently, some canvas shopping bags will come with extra pockets for separating groceries.

Canvas Bags Conserve Space in Your Pantry

After getting groceries and bringing them home, where do all those plastic shopping bags end up? If you’re like most people, they end up inside of one large plastic bag shoved under the sink, or in the pantry, taking up space.

You won’t have that issue if you get your groceries using a canvas shopping bag. At most, you’ll have a few bags folded up and hanging on a hook, or set on a single shelf, thus saving yourself some much-needed space in your home.

Canvas Bags are Environmentally Better

The biggest benefit for not using plastic bags and instead using canvas shopping bags is not something you feel directly right away. Using canvas bags means there are fewer plastic bags being used by you, which undoubtedly will eventually end up in the trash when they start to wear out, or even if you do send them to recycling, energy still has to be spent processing them. With fewer bags ending up in rivers, oceans, landfills, etc., there are fewer plastics ending up in the environment hurting animals—or breaking down into micro plastics and getting into the food chain.

You should consider doing your part for the environment, while also saving some money in the long run by purchasing an eco-friendly canvas shopping bag from the Organic Cotton Mart website. High quality organic cotton bags are available, featuring compartments, and they are reusable and washable.

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