Canvas Bags – A Great Shopping Bag Alternative

As the world battles rising temperatures and impeding climate change, we must make more sustainable decisions as a collective.

One of the easiest ways to lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle involves ditching as much single-use plastic as possible. This can include disposable water bottles, plastic straws, and single-use shopping bags, which can easily be swapped for refillable water bottles, reusable or paper straws, and canvas shopping bags.

The number of plastic bags currently in the environment has become a huge problem, with 100 billion bags being used per year, and with single-use plastics taking hundreds of years to decompose and break down.

However, plastic never truly degrades, and microplastics – tiny pieces of plastic – will continue to contaminate our food sources and ecosystems long after they are discarded.

When it comes to shopping green, consumers must be wary for items that are marketed as environmentally friendly but aren’t truly. This includes shopping bags! Not every bag combats the consequences of plastic bags as they all have different sustainability footprints, but canvas shopping bags do. Keep reading to learn why they’re the best alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Why Canvas Shopping Bags Are the Best Environmental Choice

You may think the reusable plastic bags being offered by your local grocery store are more environmentally friendly than single use, but although this plastic is sturdier, it still doesn’t ever break down. Canvas shopping bags are the best sustainable fabric for the following reasons:

1. Strength-to-weight ratio

Canvas shopping bags are made from a plain weave knitting technique, which creates a fabric that is both strong and lightweight. Unlike single-use plastic bags that can tear and break under too much weight, canvas shopping bags can be packed full of canned and frozen foods without worry. This excellent strength-to-weight ratio makes them superior to all other plastic-bag alternatives.

2. Durability

The same plain weave that makes canvas shopping bags so strong also makes them extremely durable. This means that you can continue use your canvas shopping bags for years, even decades, without replacing them. Canvas holds up well against the natural elements, like rain and snow, and you don’t have to worry about being precious with them because they can handle some extreme shopping.

3. Repairable

If you find your canvas shopping bags have begun to show signs of damage, you can easily mend them with additional canvas or a favorite iron-on patch. Canvas is easy to sew, both by hand and machine. It’s also as easy to repair a canvas shopping bag as it is to make your own!

4. Easy to Clean

Canvas shopping bags require no special care. If your canvas shopping bags are covered in spills and messes, just toss them into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Food leaks and stains are easy to wash out, and this also helps reduce the transfer of bacteria between shopping trips.

5. Ideal for Printing

Canvas is an excellent fabric to print on as it absorbs ink and color easily. If you are looking to customize your shopping bags, canvas is the best way to go! You don’t have to worry about your custom art flaking or rubbing off your canvas shopping bags; it’s one of the best materials to craft with.

6. Natural Fibers

Canvas shopping bags have a low environmental footprint since they are made from cotton, a renewable resource that can be grown and processed sustainably and ethically for minimal environmental impact. Canvas shopping bags are also recyclable! Visit our website for more details.

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