Why Are Canvas Bags Good for Environment and Your Fashion Sense?

There is a lot of talk about the number of plastic bags that Americans use every year. Over 100 billion plastic bags are used every year, and most of these end up in the garbage or in the ocean. Plastic bags are not decomposable and will sit there for an estimated thousand years.

What is not talked about as much is the amount of oil used to manufacture these bags. To produce the number of plastic bags in America, it takes over 12 million barrels of oil.

Another perspective to look at is that it takes only 14 bags to drive a basic car one mile. With the number of plastic bags used, a car can drive over three billion miles.

Canvas shopping bags and canvas grocery bags are a great alternative for our environment and for you.

Canvas bags help the environment not destroy

Our canvas shopping bags and canvas grocery bags are made from organic cotton. The vocabulary dictionary states that, in common usage, organic is to mean “healthful” or “close to nature”.

Organic cotton farming also talks about the land and the product. Only natural ingredients are used on the land to grow the cotton such as natural fertilizer and no harmful insecticides and pesticides.

Using organic cotton for canvas shopping bags not only stops the landfill from being filled with single plastic bags but also rejuvenates the earth for generations to come.

Why Canvas shopping bags and canvas grocery bags are a better option than plastic

If you are like many other families living in North America, you shop a few times a month for groceries (more if you have a teenage son). After the groceries are packed into the bags, you haul them out to the car, then haul them into the house. All the time hoping that the bags don’t break.

Over the years the groceries are getting heavier, and the bags seem to be getting weaker. A cucumber or a sharp corner of a box can begin a small rip in the bag and when you pick it up to bring it into the car or house and everything falls out.

When clerks help pack your groceries or if you are using a plastic bag, often glass bottles are packed together and when you lift the bag up the bottles bang together and can cause the glass to break. Now there is a mess all over the rest of your food. Canvas shopping bags have unique bottle sleeves to prevent this disaster.

So why are canvas shopping bags and canvas grocery bags better then plastic other than the environmental cost? They are stronger and not going to break when carrying them, they can separate bottles so avoid breaking, they are washable and easy to maintain, and also very convenient; they can be folded and stored in handy places where you may need them such as your car or purse.

Organic grocery bags look great on you

This is not a traditional fashion statement; when you are using organic shopping bags and canvas grocery bags, you look great. It shows that you care for the environment and for future generations. You can hold your head high knowing you are doing what is right for the planet and this pride reflects positively to others. This positivity is a great fashion accessory.

If you are looking for a detailed and more comprehensive article then here is our best reusable grocery bags guide.

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