Canvas Shopping Bags are Perfect Summertime Gifts

Canvas shopping bags are the perfect summertime gift for anyone you know. There are a ton of benefits to owning a canvas shopping bag that your friends and family will adore if you gift some to them, such as lower environmental impact and reduced stress due to clutter.

Here are some benefits to consider when deciding whether to get someone canvas shopping bags as a gift.

Environmentally Friendly

Single-use plastic bags are terrible for the environment. They can’t really be recycled, and they end up destroying ecosystems. Did you know there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050? Plastic bags are a huge contributor to this kind of waste, and using a reusable grocery tote bag is one of the more crucial ways that everyday people can make a difference. By gifting canvas shopping bags, you help to encourage someone to be more respectful and mindful of the environment. You give them inspiration to do better for the planet, as well as an awesome new gift!

Reduce Clutter

Many people have that one drawer or cubby in their house that is just stuffed with plastic bags from grocery shopping. It’s a mess, and they just pile up! This creates so much stressful and unwanted clutter around the house. Plastic is suffocating, so reducing the amount in our homes is more than liberating. By gifting canvas shopping bags, you’ll help to hopefully reduce clutter and stress in the lives of your family and friends, and you’ll leave them feeling refreshed and happier overall!

Better for Food

Plastic shopping bags can actually contaminate your food with microplastics, which harm your body and are even regarded as a carcinogen! All that plastic rubbing on food isn’t healthy, so helping encourage a loved one to make the switch to canvas is the perfect gift. Canvas shopping bags made of cotton ensure that no dangerous plastics are putting your health at risk, which is definitely a worthwhile investment, and something your friends and family will love.


There’s nothing more frustrating than having a plastic bag break apart in the middle of the parking lot. All your food goes everywhere, and you’re stuck scrambling to collect it all. It’s just a mess. Plastic bags are really poorly made, and they don’t last in the long term—sometimes they don’t even make it to your house in one piece. Canvas shopping bags, on the other hand, are nice and reliable, made of quality cotton that won’t break from the weight of a couple oranges. Getting a canvas shopping bag for someone is the perfect gift to make their daily life and shopping much easier.

Save Money

Canvas shopping bags can also save people money, which makes them the perfect gift for anybody you know. Most stores actually charge a small fee for single-use plastic bags now, which adds up over time! Why not give the gift of financial savings? Some would say that’s the best gift of all. There’s no need to pay for flimsy plastic bags each shopping trip when a nice canvas bag can save all that money.

Overall, canvas shopping bags are an excellent and ethical gift you can get for anyone. They are the perfect summertime gift, and they will never go out of style. If you’re stuck and looking for an amazing gift, these can’t be beat.

Author: Karen Lamar

Karen is the Chief Content Officer at Organic Cotton Mart. She has a Master's Degree in Environmental Science from NC State with a special focus in Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy. Since her High School days, she has been an Environmentalist and was the President of her High School's Environmental Club for 3 years before starting her freshman year at NC State. She has a deep knowledge and understanding of various environment-friendly movements like zero waste, minimalistic living, recycling, and upcycling.

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