How Cotton Tote Bags are Different from Other Shopping Bags!

Whether you're out shopping as a hobby or a chore, shopping is one of the most basic things that most of us have to do in our day-to-day lives.

Go to a store, pick something off the shelf and buy it, carry it home in a bag: it’s simple, but the most annoying part of it is always the crinkly plastic bags clogging up your arms, car, and kitchen counter. You're carrying around and using these poorly-designed bits of trash that each individual store makes differently in a poor attempt to further market themselves by slapping their names on it.

Try using cotton tote bags to further simplify your experience!

Bags to Actually Fit Your Shopping Needs!

Have you ever felt like bagging your shopping finds is a skill all in itself? How you have to carefully stack each item like a game of Jenga so that they don't crush each other? Or play Tetris to try to get it all to fit?

Many cotton tote bags on the market today have several sleeves or other compartments inside the bag to help you organize and protect your purchases from transport damage.

Some are built for wine bottles or other glass containers, others with compartments for vegetables and other delicate items. Keeping a few of different types in the trunk of your car lets you tailor your bagging experience to what you're actually shopping for!

Reusable AND Sanitary

The plastic industry has long campaigned for reusing your old grocery bags in an effort to be environmentally friendly, so naturally almost every house has an entire drawer crammed full of these things. And we all hate that drawer. It's messy, disorganized, and just a waste of space.

Just hanging a couple cotton tote bags on a coat hanger in your closet completely eliminates the need for that drawer. They're easy to store almost anywhere and they don't look like a constant mess. They're also easy to care for and clean, rather than just yanking out an old plastic bag and rolling the dice with whatever is leftover on it. Just popping them into your laundry every once in a while is all they need!

No More Free Advertising

Have you ever tried to reuse your plastic bags and felt weird about it? Carrying bags from one store into another store can seem kind of awkward, even though you're obviously just trying to be environmentally-conscious.

Carrying a bag from one store into a competitor's store is pretty odd when you get to the till. Many cotton tote bags that are available out there are fairly plain and won't broadcast to the world where else you've shopped before!

Some of us enjoy shopping. Some of us really hate it. But most of us can agree that the best part of a shopping experience is taking all of our finds and purchases home. Making good use of something as simple as cotton tote bags can keep that best part as positive as possible!

You'll be being environmentally friendly, but almost more importantly, much less annoyed.

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