How Reusable Shopping Bags Help the World’s Oceans?

Earth’s human population is growing rapidly, and with it grows the amount of harmful plastic waste that is polluting the planet.

As billions of single-use plastic items are created and used every year, it gets increasingly more difficult to dispose of them. Improper or irresponsible disposal leads to millions of tons of new plastics floating in the oceans every year.

This is why reusable shopping bags are so important.

Why Single-Use Plastic Bags are Bad

When using single-use plastic bags to carry our groceries, we don’t often think of the impact they have on the environment.

The reality is that millions of plastic bags end up drifting in our oceans. Once they are in the oceans, many animals become hopelessly entangled in floating plastic debris. This makes it much more difficult for them to swim and hunt, often directly leading to their deaths.

Many other creatures, such as corals, are suffocated by larger plastics, like shopping bags.

Over time, plastic bags can be reduced to small, deadly pieces. Marine animals, such as sea turtles, birds, and fish, mistake the bags for food, filling their stomachs and intestines with indigestible plastic.

The more plastic there is and the longer it stays in our oceans, the greater its potential for damage. Millions of sea creatures die every year from the effects of plastic, destroying the diversity of our oceans.

How Reusable Shopping Bags Help

Reducing or even eliminating our use of single-use plastics is one of the simplest paths to cleaner oceans. But how can we eliminate something so integral to our world? The problem may be massive, but every little bit helps.

A simple and easy strategy is to use reusable grocery bags. By taking the time to buy and use reusable shopping bags, you personally could use hundreds fewer plastic bags—and that’s a lot less strain on our landfills, and our oceans.

Choosing reusable shopping bags not only helps reduce the amount of plastic that is used, but it is also beneficial to your wallet.

With stores charging more and more to use their plastic bags, having a few reusable bags of your own will save you money. It also makes storage a dream.

Rather than having hundreds of plastic bags to throw out or try and save for later, you now have only a few reusable shopping bags that are easy to tuck away until they are needed. This change is simple, but over time and with enough people, it can make a world of difference.

Why Should We Preserve Our Oceans?

Earth’s oceans cover 71% of its surface and are home to millions of animal and plant species. Almost all of these creatures are negatively impacted by plastic pollution. Every year, the millions of animal deaths due to plastic cause the diversity in marine life to wane.

As humans, we depend on the oceans in many aspects of our lives. From food to travel, shipping, and recreation, the oceans of the world play a large part in maintaining our lifestyles and livelihoods.

If we continue filling the oceans up with toxic, single-use plastics, they may not be there for future generations to enjoy.

Oceans are an integral part of our lives. By taking steps to reduce our negative impact on them, we are protecting not only the creatures that call them home, but our lives as well.

A change as simple as switching to reusable shopping bags helps keep plastic out of the oceans and preserves our future.

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