How to Find the Reusable Vegetable Bags

Trying to be completely ‘waste-free’ is not that easy. It takes commitment to the cause and hard work. But good intentions will always win.

The worst of the offenders, grocery store plastics, which are unnecessary, thanks to reusable vegetable bags. If you don’t have these yet, there are many reasons to make the switch.

Reusable vegetable bags come in muslin as well as mesh fabric, and they are washable, breathable, and self-closing. That makes them reusable every time.

They also come in different sizes so that they can be used for different purposes, and best of all, they keep vegetables fresh in and out of their packaging.

Yes, there were good reasons for the plastic, but it is not necessary anymore. They wilted in the refrigerator, rotted, or dried up.

This is not the case with produce that is kept in organic cotton bags. The bags keep the vegetables fresh, and they are easy to manage. Reusable vegetable bags are the perfect alternative because, once you have your collection of bags in different sizes, they can be taken to the market or kept home in the fridge, designated for a specific purpose.

What bags are the best bags?

There are so many reasons to avoid single use plastics, but even so, sometimes, reusable bags are not clean enough, or they get damaged, so plastics still need to be used for the purchase itself.

But that is ridiculous!

Why buy a plastic bag that you will just use to carry something home with, and then throw away?

The reusable vegetable bags that everyone wants are ones that address the problems of plastic bags, but which are also still made with the conveniences in mind that have made them useful in the first place.

The best reusable vegetable bags must be clean, simple, and washable. A simple square in muslin, or white organic cotton, or mesh with a drawstring closure, is just right. Organic cotton is best, of course, because a bag that is created to store food should not contain dyes or chemicals.

Look for a bag that stores more than just vegetables to make the most out of your purchase of the bags.

Reusable muslin bags hold grains or flours in the pantry, or they can be used as lunch bags. Best of all, the convenience of the drawstring closures means never hunting for a twist tie again!

Use them in cooking as well. The smaller muslin ones can be used as ‘tea bags’ or for soup stock, when boiling or simmering items that will need to be strained later. They are also great to strain your own cheese, creams, or yoghurts.

The best things for a zero-waste home these days are not recyclables; they are reusables.

Reusable vegetable bags can do a lot more than the plastic bags ever did! They are versatile, cost effective, come in different sizes and can also be permanently designated to a specific purpose if you want each one to be.

Organic cotton vegetable bags are a great alternative to the plastic bags and boxes for more reasons just being true to your ‘zero-waste’ household. You can find the perfect reusable vegetable bags at Organic Cotton Mart.

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