Importance of Eco-friendly Canvas Grocery Bags

Importance of Eco-friendly Canvas Grocery Bags

In recent years, reducing one’s environmental footprint has increased in popularity, which is due in part to increased awareness of how one’s carbon footprint effects the environment—and through a rising trend that equates economically friendly practices with being admirable and worthy of respect. However, reducing your environmental footprint is easier said than done. As individuals, there are few ways in which we can make large and lasting impacts through partaking in environmentally friendly practices, but every little bit helps. One step anyone can take is switching out plastic grocery bags for reusable ones! Organic Cotton Mart has eco-friendly, canvas grocery bags that are reusable and much more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic bags.

What Makes Canvas Bags Better than Plastic?

Plastic bag usage is dying off more each day as many people begin switching to canvas grocery bags in order to help the environment. Canvas grocery bags, in particular, Organic Cotton Mart’s canvas bags, are a one hundred percent green solution that is made only from natural raw materials; this means that, in addition to being reusable and long-lasting, the bag is itself recyclable! Since organic cotton is completely biodegradable, you won’t be harming the environment when it’s finally time to bin your bag due to wear and tear.

The Importance of Canvas Bags:

By switching to canvas grocery bags rather than continuing to use single-use plastic ones, you are helping the environment in more ways than you know. The benefits of switching to canvas grocery bags include:

1. Reduced litter! Plastic bags often end up as litter; due to their lightweight construction, they can be blown away from landfills or garbage cans. These plastic bags then pose a risk to the environment that they eventually pollute, like an ocean or a forest. With fewer plastic bags being used, this directly translates into reduced litter in our environment!

2. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions! When reusable bags are made from renewable materials, like organic cotton, the greenhouse gas emissions are drastically reduced! Instead of being made in a pollution-rich factory, the materials are grown in a greenhouse and harvested, and the environment is all the better for it.

3. Reduced usage of nonrenewable resources. Oil, a non-renewable resource and a fossil fuel, is a significant ingredient in plastic bags. By reducing the rate of consumption of plastic bags, not only are the greenhouse gas emissions that are produced by the manufacturing of plastic bags lowered, but there will also be more nonrenewable resources for other pursuits.

There are more personal benefits to switching to a canvas grocery bags as well. With the canvas bag’s sleeve compartments for organization, and the fact that it is reusable and washable, your grocery trips will be better than ever. You can feel proud knowing that you are reducing the amount of plastic pollution that winds up in the environment!

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