Multiple Utility of a Mesh Tote Bag

Multiple Utility of a Mesh Tote Bag
If you’re investing in mesh tote bags, the odds are you want to reuse them as much as possible to reduce waste and make your life more efficient. The good news is, mesh tote bags are more versatile than you might think. From grocery shopping to a day at the beach, to organization, let’s take a dive at some of the best ways you can use your mesh tote bags!

Grocery Shopping (of course)

This one is obvious, but mesh tote bags are awesome for grocery shopping! They let you avoid single-use plastic bags that harm your produce and the environment, and you can keep reusing them for years with proper care.

Bath and Shower

Mesh tote bags are also a great idea for the bath and shower. You can place them in your bathroom at home to let wet bath toys, shampoo bottles, and other items dry while being kept tidy and out of the way. This is super helpful if you have children because it makes bath time cleanup much easier—they can just throw their toys right in while the water is still draining.

This isn’t just helpful for your own bathroom, either. Are you going camping, on vacation, or anywhere else where it might come in handy to have a shower bag? Mesh tote bags are an excellent solution, and they won’t leave you fumbling for the shower door with your arms full.

Beach Days

Mesh tote bags are also a fantastic idea for the beach. It’s easy to pack in whatever you will need for the day: sunscreen, towels, swimsuits, snacks, water bottles, beach toys—you name it—and you won’t have to worry about a bag full of sand making its way into your clean car. With mesh tote bags, you can just throw everything you need together quickly and be on your way to a fun day by the water.

Drying Herbs

Did you know that you can also use mesh tote bags to dry your herbs? If you have an herb garden or like to buy your herbs fresh, this is an effective way to dry them out without using your stove. Just place your herbs inside the mesh tote bag and hang them up—preferably where they can get some sun. Your herbs will dry out in no time, and then you can keep reusing your bag as you wish.

Organizing Your Room

Mesh tote bags are also a great tool for organization. You can hang up a few mesh bags on a bedroom wall to toss in laundry, miscellaneous items, stuffed animals, books—whatever you like! This looks purposeful while helping you to keep a room clean through minimal effort.

Food Storage

You also don’t have to take your produce out of the mesh tote bags once you get home. Why not hang up a few bags in your kitchen and let your produce stay there? Fruits like apples, pears, oranges, and peaches don’t really need to be refrigerated and can look quite nice when displayed in your kitchen. This also makes produce easier to grab during the day, so you might be more likely to snack on an apple than those cookies you were saving for later.

Overall, there are plenty of ways you can use your mesh tote bags, such as grocery shopping, in the bath and shower, out on beach days, drying your herbs, organizing your room, and storing your food. Mesh tote bags are all about reducing waste and reusing what you already have, so be sure to take full advantage of their versatility! Visit our website for more details.

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