Reusable Produce Bags and Where to Get Them

When we talk about packaging, we have this idea of plastic bottles and non-biodegradable containers. What most people don’t realize is that roughly 10% of the packaging’s waste come from plastic bags. And the sad part is, that only about 1% of these plastic bags will be recycled leaving us with a huge pile of trash.

Now, the replacement of plastic bags can only happen if we find out a way to fit all of our products in a bag without having to use any plastic, right? So now we come to the question of where we can get these bags and what sizes are right for your produce?

It is definitely a confusing idea with the general population bringing only a one-size-fits-all shaped shopping bag, but at the same time, we also want the product that we buy to maintain its freshness and quality. Of course, you can just chuck everything inside a huge reusable bag but how do we bag delicate items?

That’s where the invention of reusable produce bags come in handy. Made from a variety of materials the bag is not only washable but also earth-friendly (as it biodegrades faster than plastic).

Which Reusable Produce Bag Is Right Then?

Now, let's come to the question of where we can get these bags and what sizes are right for the produces. First, let’s have a look at the material being used to make these bags.

Reusable produce bags made of mesh, are the most popular and easily sourced bags. It is not only durable but can be stretch to a certain length. You may want to look towards PET produce bags as it is actually recycled plastics made into a bag. While there are some controversies around these bags, it still fits the idea for us to stop using plastics.

If you are pro-organic, cotton muslin produce bags could equally be a better option to consider as a substitute for plastic bags.

Another option is to use recycled clothing materials if you are someone who is handy and would like a DIY project. Also, you can use second-hand fabrics from the clothes that you no longer use. Now that’s what it’s called as killing two birds with one stone. These reusable produce bags come in many sizing, mainly Large, Medium and Small.

Large produce bags are mostly used to bag largely sized vegetables such as watermelon, celery, and eggplants. Preferably, this sizing can fit most of the large items and still be able to be tied. The idea of a large-sized produce bag is to hold items comfortably in it without spilling as it may damage the quality of produce.

While medium size bags are mostly used for items such as kale or in general, green leafy vegetables, it can also be used to bag a slightly large amount of small fruits (think of buying oranges for a week).

Small size bags do come in handy when you are picking up, say, a few fruits (such as apples) for a one-time meal. As it is small, it can also be used to bag beans, spices and other condiments such as salt and sugar.

Recently, some brands have been making an effort to come up with “bulk” size produce bags. While it is relatively still a new concept, there are already demands for bulk-size reusable produce bags in the market.

Where Can I Get These Reusable Produce Bags?

As people are now aware of the impact plastic bags have on our eco-system, many retailers now are giving discounts and price reduction to encourage public to shop with their reusable produce bag. So how do we get our hands on this bag?

Many of these bags are available on online sites.

Some retailers have also come up with reusable produce bags at the end of produce section where you will have to pay for the first time usage, and you are encouraged to come back with these bags on your next shopping trip. The one-time payment may not seem to be a bad idea as it is convenient for most of the buyers. 

Cheapest Way to Avoid Plastic

The point of using reusable produce bags is to eradicate usage of plastics and to recycle what we have in hand.

Reusable Produce Bags

There are many simple and cheaper ways to avoid plastic bags, the best and cheapest option among these is to carry a hand-made canvas grocery bags which you can use multiple times, and that it could be made by merely recycling old clothes.

Most of the people have issues carrying shopping bags having unpleasant looks with dull colors, for those peoples it could be convenient to carry hand-made bags with creative designs and also eco-friendly.

To conclude, it is said that every big goal is achieved with first taking a smaller step towards it. So, let’s start this global vision of eradicating plastic with using the reusable produce bags from today and pledge to make it a mission to spread awareness about the same to as many people as we can. Happy Shopping!

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