10 Reasons Why Reusable Produce Bags Are A Must for Your Family

10 Reasons Why Reusable Produce Bags Are A Must for Your Family

In today’s world, the usage of plastic bags has become a growing problem. These plastic bags have hampered the environment for several years and has been a threat to the life on earth from the year it was discovered mainly due to its property of non-biodegradability. The wide usage of plastics has caused a massive problem including all the pollutions, and global warming as well.

Plastics don’t decompose very easily. They break down into more delicate parts and moves into water resources, lands creating issues with the soil and water quality. Even, burning them is huge chaos. Plastics release a considerable amount of harmful gasses (nitrogen oxides, Sulfur dioxides) which creates issues with the environment and respiratory system of human beings.

Reusable Produce Bags 

Even the marine life is equally harmed. Plastics move into water bodies which get eaten up by the aquatic animals. This creates distress in the whole marine life. In the recent reports, the majority of death caused in the aquatic life is due to plastics.   

Though the use of plastics has always been preferred until recent years. They were used extensively as they were durable and were easy to carry. People could use them efficiently for their daily items. However, many families have understood how significant a threat it is and has restricted its usage and have switched to using non-plastic materials. One such initiative in this regard is using reusable produce bags.

Why should each member of a family to carry reusable bags instead of plastic ones?

Here are a few reasons why a family should be taught using reusable produce bags instead of plastic bags.

1. Cost-effective:  The reusable produce bags are made up from environment-friendly materials and are profitable. These bags can be used again and again and are a better alternative to plastic bags. While going out for shopping, family members should carry along these bags, as sellers often charge extra money for providing plastic bags to the customers. Now, who doesn’t want to save money?

2.  Long-lasting:  We always prefer things that last long. Reusable produce bags are the ones which are durable if maintained properly. Each member of the family should take it along while going for shopping.

3.  Ease:   Reusable bags can be carried easily. Be it a kid or the older member of the family; anyone can use it. Also, while carrying grocery items, plastic bags often hurt the fingers and causes pain. But this is not the case with reusable bags as it provides comfort while carrying goods for long distance.

4. Multi-Use: There are lots of ways in which reusable bags can be used. Starting from storing old clothes to keeping newspapers in a fixed place, these bags are of great use for the families.

5. Environment-friendly: Instead of complaining about harmful waste and iteration of the environment, the time has come to do our duty in saving it. Bring a little change. Reusable bags are washable and are recyclable, thus not harmful to the environment and should be used without giving a second thought.

6. Awareness: If one family starts using reusable bags, others will join to use these bags without overlooking the problems of the environment, so it is better to take a step forward to create awareness for our environment.

7. Visually impressive: Since reusable bags come in different sizes and colors, these provide quite an elegant appeal while carrying it.

8. Easy storage: We often find plastic bags loitering not only on the street but also in our home. Reusable produce bags, on the other hand, are easy to store as these can be stacked one after another and can also be kept in a cupboard. This way when members of the family go out for buying grocery items or any other daily household items, they can quickly access them.

9. Neatness: Reusable bags can be easily washed or wiped down with a damp cloth. This keeps the bag clean, even if the dirt stores on them. However, using a plastic bag which is kept out for long can be a danger as it might contain many germs.

10. Pet-friendly: We treat our pets as family. These innocent animals are unaware of what's harmful to them. They often get misguided and try to eat plastics as food. It may lead to the death of the animal if they swallow them up. Hence instead of using plastic bags, it is preferable for the family to use reusable bags as they cannot be swallowed easily by the pets.

It is time that we understand the negative impacts of the using plastics rather than overlooking it. People often ignore this problem as they are only busy with short-term goals.  Plastic bags have a long-term effect on our environment, and its adverse effect has now called a near SOS situation on earth.

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To conclude, it is the time for each family and society to switch to eco-friendly bags. These bags are robustly made and can be used for various requirements as discussed. They are biodegradable and doesn't cause any harm to the environment. Plastic bags were invented to make the daily life of humans easy, but its extensive use has created a significant threat to the lives of not only humans but also the wild animals and aquatic life. People must take a step forward now, to choose between planet or plastic. Try some of our bags today!

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