Reusable Shopping bags - Reduce Waste and Save Our Environment

Reusable Shopping bags - Reduce Waste and Save Our Environment
Without even meaning to, we accumulate an abundance of waste as we move through the day. From paper products to shopping bags, there is so much that just gets tossed. Not only does this create waste, but it also adds to clutter and frustration. Not only that, but many people also feel guilt from creating this much waste, so it sits around for a bit while we hope to come up with a second use for things like grocery bags. But let’s face it: the regular plastic bags can’t be reused. However, reusable shopping bags are easy to handle, and they are a dream come true when it comes to reducing waste.

Reusable shopping bags are convenient, they help to reduce waste and save the environment, and they also should be a pleasure to use. Some reusable shopping bags are as flimsy as the disposable bags they are meant to replace. If a canvas bag is not sturdy, or if it is left to get dirty in the trunk of the car, then reusing it is not an attractive idea. But taking proper care of your reusable shopping bag is just like giving extra care and attention to the environment.

How much waste can reusable shopping bags prevent?

According to the Centre for Biological Diversity, single use plastic bags are in every American home, and each family takes home about 1,500 each year. Since the bags are a petroleum product, creating them requires 12 million barrels of oil! Even if they are recyclable, the bags still end up in landfills and in the ocean. Organic cotton reusable shopping bags are well made, sturdy, easy to clean, and a pleasure to use. There is no reason not to keep a few on hand.

When you choose to invest in reusable shopping bags, organic cotton is the best choice. These bags are 100% natural and organic. There is no waste at the grocery store at all. They have easy handles and sleeves to protect bottles inside or out, so nothing breaks.

Easy to clean

As mentioned earlier, a good reusable shopping bag must be easy to wash. Cleanliness is important for grocery products, of course. The bags can be put in the washing machine and will come out as good as new. They may need to be stretched out after the first couple of washings to get the wrinkles out as they are left to air dry.

Reusable bags put you in control

The single use plastic bags may be convenient for grocery stores, but they are not really great for your groceries. They tear easily, and they don’t handle produce very well. When they rip, things spill out, or some foods get squashed. Reusable cotton shopping bags have spaces and compartments for everything, so food stays safe and fresh. And if you worry about the smaller vegetable items, like herbs or tomatoes, you don’t need to put those in a plastic bag, either. Just get a set of small drawstring mesh bags for produce you pick up at the farmer’s market.

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