Reusable Vegetable Bags - 4 Reasons You Need Them Now

When we head to the grocery store and start shopping in the produce aisle, we often use the single plastic baggies conveniently located all around. These bags are handy, but they are also a major detriment to our environment, our local community, and our own wallets.

It is why people are ditching the single-use plastic bags for their own reusable vegetable bags. These simple cotton bags are an easy and convenient solution, and here are a few reasons why you should consider taking your own set to the grocery store.

1. Save money

While reusable vegetable bags cost more than the plastic bags at the grocery store, they can actually help you save money in the long run. They take up less space in your home than that bag of plastic bags you keep hidden somewhere in your home. They don’t need to be recycled, which saves money for you and your local recycling plants. And now that more and more places are charging for plastic bags, the savings can add up when you simply bring your own.

2. Saving the environment

Did you know that one of those little plastic bags from the grocery store takes roughly a thousand years to properly decompose? Essentially, that means, if a bag existed before humanity discovered the magnetic compass, it would just barely be decomposed today. That is a lot of time and, since we use so many of these bags around the world, that is a lot of things that need to decompose. The truth is that single-use plastics are a significant threat to our environment. Reducing our use through reusable vegetable bags is good for the environment and good for our future.

3. Versatile uses

Reusable vegetable bags are designed for more than simply fresh produce from your local grocery store. They are strong enough to be used for almost any purpose, from keeping your kids’ toys organized to using the bags like cheesecloth for straining. Some people even use these bags to store precious items, like china, since the breathable fabric can slow the oxidization process and keep them looking their best for longer.

4. Keep your community looking nice

Single-use plastic bags are one of the most common types of litter found around the world. Less than cigarette butts yet more than other kinds of common litter. By reducing the number of plastic bags that you personally use, you can actually help reduce litter in your local community. The solution: reusable vegetable bags made from cotton or a similar material.

If you are sick of using those cheap plastic bags at the grocery store, or if you have hundreds of them stashed away somewhere in your home and don’t want another, then consider getting reusable bags from Organic Cotton Mart. Our simple cotton bags are lightweight, convenient, versatile, and better for the environment than plastic bags. They can completely change how you shop, how you store, and how you save at your local grocery store.

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