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Today the world is rapidly changing, and so are our priorities. The past decade has majorly been about owning your environmental and social responsibilities and understanding its impact all over the globe. But as they say, small steps push you towards achieving your mark. It is essential for us, as people to take constructive steps and make the environment safer and healthier bit by bit. Amongst others, one such great practice is using reusable produce bags in our daily lives.

But why, you may ask? What's so groundbreaking about using them?

reusable produce bags

Let us discuss it in relevance to a case. In 2002, Bangladesh was hit by massive floods, and the reasons were often attributed to the heaps of plastic shopping bags that had blocked the drainage systems. If this wasn’t enough, the plastic also added toxins in the water supplies due to gradual leaching. The environmental repercussions are enormous, and if not acknowledged now, they'll get bigger and bigger by time.

But another aspect of using plastic bags is the amount of money you’re losing on them! Want to how? Here we go:

Paying extra bucks every time you shop

According to research carried out worldwide, on average, a person uses a plastic shopping bag for about 12 minutes after buying it. Every single time, you pay for using those plastic bags which is utilized for barely 12 minutes? Shouldn’t that be called draining all your hard earned money? Moreover, this leads to an increase in the number of plastic bags consumed worldwide which presently ranges from 500 billion to 1 trillion!

Your act of buying a plastic bag every time you go shopping is equivalent to you paying your money to create more plastic debris around all the coastal areas in the world. The process might look harmless and straightforward, but clearly, it isn't.

Go green discounts at stores!

With increasing awareness about the future hazardous impacts that plastic bags and their continuous consumption has, many stores have started offering discounts and loyalty points if you bring with you a reusable produce bag. Embracing this procedure helps the company save vast amounts of money that it splurges while buying plastic bags to be readily available at all its outlets, and also supports the go green movement.  On a larger scale commercial establishments now, understand the global consequences of their malpractices.


As reported by BBC, plastic bags have grown to be so much more than being a convenient option. Africa has been struggling with the immense quantities of windblown plastic bags reaching its lands every month. The problem was big enough to initiate a process of weaving hats and making harvesting bags out of that plastic litter!

Reusable bags being a durable alternative.

Let’s face it. Buying plastic bags is basically a step we take thinking about how it makes our lives easy and convenient. But, using them for a long time must have taught you how short term their durability and usage is. Speaking statistically, the lifespan of a reusable bag on an average is more than that of 700 disposable plastic bags put together! You run out of them more than you run out of the things you actually store in them!

Reusable produce bags have a huge advantage here. They are durable, sturdy and robust. These bags are available in various sizes which you can buy depending upon your requirements. But the best part of purchasing reusable totes or cotton mesh produce bags has to be how cleaning and washing it, make it look brand new again! 

A better fashion choice

Have you faced those situations where you buy some random things, all in different plastic bags and then have to buy another huge plastic bag to carry everything together?

Well, we're sure you never heard about the multi-pocket eco-friendly bags, have you? These are ultra-convenient bags with various small and big pockets sewed inside to make your grocery shopping extremely easy. You can store all kinds of stuff in it, and guess what? They are inexpensive, durable, reliable, environmentally friendly and a onetime investment!

Furthermore, these recyclable bags come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. They can be the perfect tote bags to carry while going shopping.

Swag bags to the rescue!

This can be one of the best ways to save money for people who like to stock up their refrigerators with fresh veggies and fruits but often find them rotten before they can even use them. All you need to do is, wet this reusable produce bag nicely and then wring it in such a manner that some amount of moisture lasts in it. After this, you place all the vegetables or fruits inside it and store them in your fridge as usual. The bag can also be used in its dry mode. It helps the vegetables and fruits ripen gradually and naturally when it is used in its dry form. The swag bags are said to keep your veggies and fruits, crispy and fresh for a long time. Swag bags can help you save up to $125 per month by creating less wastage of food.

These are easily washable as well as extremely durable and hence can last up to a few years! You can save on your grocery bills, have a significant cut down on food that you waste, and eliminate the day to day use of plastic bags all at the same time!

In Conclusion

With small steps that we follow in our daily lives, we can create vast differences in the environmental conditions the world is facing today. Eliminating plastic bags from our day to day lives might seem to be an impossible task but not at this age. We have a great eco-friendly alternative in reusable produce bags, which is highly durable, washable, strong, and fashionable. By using it, we can save up to $100 a month and also, the environment and its sustainability.

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