Use Canvas Bags Over Plastic for Shopping

Use Canvas Bags Over Plastic for Shopping
Have you considered switching to canvas shopping bags instead of plastic? From environmental benefits to personal advantages, such as saving money, there are plenty of reasons that you should be making the switch as soon as possible. Let’s dive into the key things to consider about canvas shopping bags!

Better for the Environment

Canvas shopping bags are a much better alternative to plastic when it comes to preserving the environment. Not only do plastic bags end up in oceans and landfills, but the constant production of plastics is a huge source of greenhouse gases due to the fossil fuels required to fabricate them. Climate change is an emergency that, as a consumer, you have some power to tackle. It’s crucial to show big business chains like grocery stores that you don’t want the continued mass production of plastic waste.

Save Money

Aside from environmental benefits, using canvas shopping bags is actually a helpful way to save money. In many regions of North America, you’ll have to pay a little for every plastic bag you use, and these taxes are only rising as communities gain environmental awareness. By switching to canvas bags, you won’t have to spend the extra few cents or dollars for plastic, and you will be ahead of the curve if your region decides to phase out single-use plastics altogether.

Avoid Household Clutter

So many people have cupboards overflowing with plastic bags from the grocery store, which can be a source of stress and clutter. If you switch to canvas shopping bags, you’ll only have to store one or two, and you don’t need to worry about overwhelming piles of plastic baggies you intend to—but likely won’t—reuse.

They Won’t Fall Apart

Canvas shopping bags can also be a total lifesaver when it comes to heavier items or large shopping trips. Are you tired of your oranges falling out of the bottom of weak produce bags? Of having to make a ton of trips with your groceries to keep the bags light enough? Canvas shopping bags can hold a lot more weight without breaking apart, which means you’ll experience a lot less frustration and wasted time.

No Microplastics

Another key benefit to canvas shopping bags is that you can avoid harmful microplastics and chemicals that are present on plastic bags. After all, those plastic bags rub against all of your food and end up in your home, which means you are exposing your body to unhealthy materials on a regular basis. The average person in North America consumes about a credit card worth of plastic per week, which is hardly ideal, and making the switch to canvas bags can help to remedy this.

Overall, there are plenty of benefits to using canvas shopping bags over plastic ones, including environmental concerns, saving money, preventing clutter, reducing frustration, and avoiding harmful microplastics. Making the change to reusable bags is both the responsible and convenient choice for your shopping needs. Visit our website for more details.

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