What Do You Need to See While Shopping for a Grocery Tote Bag?

cotton grocery tote bags
As a conscientious consumer, we are always looking for ways to cut back on harmful consumer practices, such as using metal straws rather than plastic and swapping out cheap, plastic grocery bags for sturdy, reusable ones. Many people don’t know that there are often environmentally friendly alternatives for many of their day to day activities, such as reusable grocery bags. Companies are starting to realize that their consumers want environmentally friendly products, and so they are climbing aboard the sustainability train and are offering reusable grocery store bags, such as cotton tote bags from Organic Cotton Mart!

Things to Look For in a Grocery Tote Bag:

When you use a cotton tote grocery bag, you need to ensure that it will suit your every need. Along those lines, there are a couple of things you should look for:

1) Durability and versatility! You don’t want a cotton tote bag that’s going to fall apart if you put too many groceries inside, and you don’t want a bag that doesn’t have many compartments for more delicate groceries. Luckily, the cotton tote bags from Organic Cotton Mart are durable and have multi-sleeve compartments which allow you to organize your groceries in an efficient manner!

2) Is it easy to store? A reusable bag that takes up quite a bit of space can be irritating, especially for those of us who live in smaller spaces. You’ll want something that is compact and can be stored easily. Organic Cotton Mart’s cotton tote bags are simple to fold up and store until your next grocery store run!

3) Can it be cleaned easily? If some of your groceries happen to spill or leak inside the bag, you’ll want something that you can chuck in the wash and have come out good as new. Organic Cotton Mart’s totes are reusable and washable, so you can shop worry free.

Here’s a little tip - try to store your reusable grocery totes inside your car! This way, it is less likely that you will forget your tote at home.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Grocery Bags!

The reign of plastic bags is coming to an end as people turn towards reusable, environmentally friendly cotton tote bags instead of plastic, disposable ones that damage our planet’s health. Organic cotton mart offers a 100% ‘green’ solution that will help keep your produce fresh. These bags can be used for everyday grocery shopping, and they each contain multiple compartments to help you organize your items so you don’t end up accidentally squishing your eggs. The totes are made from natural ingredients, are reusable, and are made from 100% certified organic cotton! Since organic cotton is completely biodegradable, when it’s eventually time to get rid of your bag, you won’t be harming the environment. These bags are extremely versatile; they can be used for more than grocery shopping. It’s your prerogative, and whatever you use your cotton tote bag for, know that you are contributing to the health of the planet and to the fight against harmful plastic!

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