What to Look for When Buying Cotton Tote Bags

What to Look for When Buying Cotton Tote Bags
As more and more jurisdictions ban single-use plastics, including plastic bags, customers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for sustainable, environmentally friendly options. Cotton tote bags are the best choice for reusable bags. Your customers will love the versatility, durability, and washability of cotton tote bags.

Not all cotton tote bags are created equal, though. Here are 3 things to look for when selecting the best cotton tote bags for your business:

1)    Organic Cotton

If you want to offer your customers high-quality, reusable bags that are truly environmentally friendly, then organic cotton tote bags are the best choice. Bags that are made with organic cotton do not contribute to pollution and waste during the growing and manufacturing process. Reusable organic cotton tote bags are biodegradable, do not use harmful pesticides and chemicals in the cotton growing process, and their cotton itself is a renewable resource.

2)    Strength

Cotton is a very strong fabric, but not all cotton tote bags are constructed well. Make sure you look for cotton tote bags that are made of heavy-duty 11-ounce cotton canvas. They should also have extra stitching around the hem and along the exterior edges.

The handles of cotton tote bags take on most of the load. Handles should be wide (1.5”) and ‘x’ stitched for added strength. Well-constructed cotton tote bags should last your customers for many years.

3)    Washable

The best cotton tote bags are easy to take care of. Regular washing extends the life of cotton tote bags. It is important to choose cotton tote bags that are machine washable so they can stay looking great through thousands of uses.  

4)    Large size

Your customers will appreciate cotton tote bags that are as large as a standard paper grocery bag. Look for cotton tote bags that are big enough to be helpful for large shopping trips. Well-sized cotton tote bags can also be very versatile. Your customers can use them for a variety of tasks, not just for groceries. Since cotton is such a flexible fabric, even large cotton tote bags are easily folded and stored when not in use.

5)    Convenient Pockets

Look for reusable bags that have interior pockets or sleeves. They will help your customers pack awkward items, like wine bottles, more safely. Cotton tote bags that have pockets sewn into the interior add another level of versatility to this great product.  

Organic Cotton Mart’s Organic Cotton Grocery Tote Bags

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