Why are Reusable Tote Bags Rising in Popularity?

Why are Reusable Tote Bags Rising in Popularity?
It’s clear that our environment and eco-system are suffering. Suffering from poor human choices and the overuse of plastic. For years, efforts have been made to try to reverse the damage – from bottle depots to blue and green carts. But more needs to be done when it comes to the overuse of plastic, which has had devasting effects on the environment, both land and marine. If each person on earth made a conscious effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, our world would be a much better place. At Organic Cotton Mart, we make it easier to for you to reduce your plastic usage. We sell 100 per cent organic cotton washable and eco-friendly reusable grocery tote bags.

Why is Plastic so Damaging?

Before getting into why reusable grocery tote bags are rising in popularity, we must first understand why the traditional plastic grocery bag is so bad for the environment and eco-system. The United Nations confirms that plastic makes up approximately 60 to 80 per cent of marine litter. And while this statistic may vary in different areas, marine plastic pollution is found in all the world’s oceans, with the highest concentration showing in coastal areas and reef environments. The sad reality is that marine litter originates back to land-based sources. This shocking amount of marine plastic pollution affects more than 800 marine ocean species through ingestion, entanglement, and habitat change.

Plastic Versus Reusable Grocery Tote Bags

Making the switch to reusable grocery tote bags is simple and makes good sense. By switching to reusable grocery tote bags, consumers are making the conscious decision to help our damaged environment and ensure future generations have a better life. Many grocery stores have started eliminating plastic grocery bags altogether while others provide plastic bags for a fee – anywhere from five to 15 cents. Buying Organic Cotton Mart reusable grocery tote bags will not only benefit our environment, but it also will save you money! And if you need another reason, know that plastic bags utilize a substantial amount of oil and natural gas, which are not recyclable. Using reusable grocery tote bags saves on these non-renewable resources, while protecting the environment. And finally, using reusable grocery tote bags help free up space in our landfills!

Grocery Tote Bags Designed to be Functional

On top of being environmentally conscious, our reusable grocery tote bags are functional too. How many times have you bought wine or olive oil and struggled to pack it safely with the rest of your groceries? Our reusable grocery tote bags include multi-sleeves (compartments) for wine bottles, olive oil, and more! And best of all, all our reusable bags are washable and extremely sturdy, unlike plastic bags.

The Organic Cotton Mart Difference

There are many reusable grocery tote bags already on the market today. At Organic Cotton Mart, we produce only 100 percent certified organic products so you can feel assured that you’re investing in a quality product, which helps reduce plastic use. We also sell reusable cotton mesh produce bags, lunch bags and baby swaddles! Reduce, reuse, and recycle by purchasing our organic, reusable, washable and eco-friendly grocery tote bags.

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