Why Businesses Should Use Reusable Shopping Bags?

Why Businesses Should Use Reusable Shopping Bags?
Plastic bags are bad for the environment. This is an accepted fact these days. Why? Because they never completely break down and they cost a lot to recycle, so they end up in landfills (not to mention the treetops, fields, and oceans). They make a huge, negative impact on the health of wildlife and the planet. The message seemed to be getting through as businesses moved to ban them and encourage customers to make better choices, and yet, unfortunately, they seem to be making a bit of a come-back since the coronavirus pandemic. Even though businesses are finding it easier, and safer in the short-term, to ask customers to leave their reusable totes at home, the problems of plastic are still present. Businesses should use reusable shopping bags even now.

Although plastic bags are not ideal, there is still a concern about what might be better. Paper bags? They are better, but still not ideal. What about cotton bags? Much better, and organic cotton reusable shopping bags are much better still.


The organic cotton reusable shopping bags have great benefits. First of all, they are wildlife-safe and environmentally friendly, and they are reusable, which is the biggest benefit of all. There would also be a huge cost savings to businesses who provide, or sell, reusable cotton bags.

The best thing about reusable cotton shopping bags is that they were designed to be environmentally friendly. Plastic never really breaks down, meaning that it doesn’t go back into the earth as compost. It just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, sometimes toxic pieces, and most of it does a lot of damage on the way. Reusable cotton shopping bags, on the other hand, are completely biodegradable, made from 100% organic cotton.

These bags are perfect to be used by businesses because they were designed to be shopping bags, and they were designed to be reusable. They have comfortable, strong handles for carrying, and side pockets for tucking in smaller items. Reusable shopping bags also fold away for easy storage, so there is no struggle with them. No more rubbing them or licking your fingers to get them open, no more clutter at home.

Businesses should be using reusable cotton bags

But those benefits are not the reason why businesses should be using them at this time. Reusable organic cotton shopping bags are easy to keep clean. Once you have your set, just throw them into the laundry with everything else. They come out sparkling fresh! Right now, while the world is in the midst of this pandemic, the main reason for stores and businesses to ask that you leave your totes at home is cleanliness and hygiene. But these bags can be kept as clean and looking as new as anything that anyone would want. It’s not unreasonable for the businesses who allow these bags to ask that we observe greater cleanliness at this time, nor is it unreasonable to ask customers to bag their own groceries into their own bags.

Organic cotton shopping bags should be a part of the lifestyle changes that everyone, even businesses, are making at this time. If you are looking for wholesale cotton mesh produce bags please check here. Here are also our wholesale cotton canvas totes.

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