Why reusable produce bags are better than paper or plastic ones?

Why reusable produce bags are better than paper or plastic ones?
What’s the big fuss with reusable produce bags? Why are they becoming so popular with consumers? If you’re considering getting some for yourself, or are curious about the benefits, here are some things to think about.

Create Less Waste

Reusable produce bags create way less waste than plastic or paper ones. You can use them over and over, rather than wasting a new one every time you pick up your vegetables from the store. Plastic and paper bags create more waste in production, since a lot more are made and the chemicals to make them are more harmful, and then they also create a destructive amount of waste once you throw them away.

Plastic produce bags that you throw away after one or two uses will end up in the landfill, where tons of them blow into the ocean or into local land habitats. It is projected that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, and plastic grocery bags account for a large part of this number. By switching to reusable produce bags, you can lower your waste by a significant amount, and indirectly encourage other shoppers to do the same.

No Micro-Plastic Poisons

Did you know that plastic produce bags aren’t good for your health? When they touch your produce, tiny microplastics you can’t see rub off on your food, and you end up digesting all of these harmful plastics. It’s estimated that the average person eats a credit card worth of plastic in just a week! Making the switch to reusable produce bags will be much better for your health, as they are usually made from fibers, such as cotton, which don’t have any plastics in them to spread to your food.

Less Clutter in Your Home

We all have that drawer of plastic baggies from the grocery store, right? We cram the produce and grocery bags in there, even though we know we’ll never actually do something meaningful with them. Every week there are more and more plastic bags piling up. By switching to reusable produce bags, you would eliminate the source of this clutter, and free up space in your home.


One of the worst things about plastic and paper grocery bags is that they break so easily. Trying to get more than four oranges without the bag giving out and making a hassle is near impossible. But reusable produce bags made of synthetic or natural fibers are much stronger, and they can handle larger quantities of food.

Keeps Food Fresher for Longer

Reusable produce bags also seem to keep food fresher for a lot longer. This is likely because they allow the food to breathe through their netting or threads, and they aren’t contaminating the food with the microplastics we mentioned before. That means they can save you quite a bit of money in the long run, so, if you want an economic choice, reusable produce bags couldn’t be better for you.

Overall, reusable produce bags are a much better alternative to paper or plastic produce bags. They will help reduce your environmental impact, as well as make your life much easier and healthier. If you’re looking for a way to be more green, or just to save some money, go out and invest in some reusables!

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