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Muslin Swaddle Blankets - Organic Cotton - Unisex - 1 Pack - 1 Plain White

  • Made from 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton.
  • Large Size (47"x47")
  • Versatile and can be used as nursing covers too.
  • No harmful chemicals or dyes used.
  • Extremely soft and luxurious design
  • Pack


        Keeping your baby soothed and safe at the same time is always a priority for parents, hence the popularity of swaddling. You don’t want to sacrifice your baby’s comfort or put him at risk, which is where a muslin swaddle blanket comes into play. When you think about all the advantages of swaddling, you find even more reasons to find a reliable, environmentally-friendly blanket that will work for you and your baby. Swaddling can:

        • Reduce anxiety
        • Increase length and soundness of sleep
        • Prevent scratching
        • Mimic touch
        • Help your baby maintain his sleeping position. And more
        You can technically use any cotton material to swaddle your baby, but 100 percent certified organic cotton does not the risk of irritating your baby’s skin.

        There are no safety concerns when you use our muslin swaddle blankets as they are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. This top-quality organic cotton is completely safe for babies and free from toxins. That is not something other swaddles can guarantee.

        Breathable, Comfortable Swaddles
        Once you wrap your baby up in the swaddle, you will not hear a peep of complaint. The fabric is nice and breathable, as well as soft and pleasant to touch. Your newborn will love the sensation and instantly feel relaxed.

        For More Than Just Swaddling
        The organic cotton baby swaddles all measure 47 inches by 47 inches, in a large square that is highly versatile. While most parents will opt to use these for swaddling, the possibilities are endless. Consider some other ways you can put your muslin swaddle to use:

        • To cover up a car seat or stroller to block out light.
        • As a comfort blanket.
        • As a picnic blanket.
        • To create a safe, clean play surface in an unfamiliar location.
        • To cover up while nursing.

        We understand that everyone has their own style, which is why we offer four cute animal print designs for our swaddle blankets. This way, you can get a multi-pack and enjoy some variety, or just keep track of which swaddles are clean. Or buy several of your favorites, whether you prefer the lion, giraffe, boat, or wave design. Because the designs are gender- neutral, the swaddles make an excellent present, even if you do not know the baby’s gender. These neutral designs also mean that you can use the same swaddles for your future children as your current newborn, even if one is a boy and the other is a girl. This way, you save money over time and have one less thing to buy for your next child.


        The muslin swaddles we sell are made of high-quality fabric that is incredibly soft. Many customers use the same swaddles on all their future children as these blankets can be reliably used for years. You don’t even have to worry about them losing their color or shape with washing. In fact, as you wash the swaddle, it will get softer. All of our swaddle blankets are made with the finest locally-grown organic cotton in India, where the swaddles themselves are made. You can count on the fabric to be certified organic cotton by GOTS, giving you confidence in your purchase.

        These swaddle blankets are made in India using the finest and locally grown organic cotton. The fabric is certified to be organic cotton by GOTS.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    loved them

    Muslin Swaddle Blankets

    Muslin Swaddle Blankets(Set of 4—1 lion, 1 wave, 1 giraffe, and 1 boat): These Muslin swaddle blankets are perfect. They are comfortable and very soft.We liked it a lot.



    Muslim Blankets

    Very impressed with the softness of the blankets. I ordered both the grayscale and colored blankets and both are very cute.

    Five stars all the way

    Very soft swaddle blankets. After ordering the first set we then went ahead and ordered another ones as well. They are great.

    good gray design

    We really liked the design and the feel of these swaddles when they arrived. Very soft.

    Softest swaddle blankets

    These are the softest swaddles I have ever purchased. We liked a lot. I would highly recommend them to others.

    Very soft and big in size

    We love these blankets. They are extremely soft and big in size.

    Swaddle blankets

    Great service, received blankets quickly. They get softer with every wash. Love them!

    perfect size and design

    We liked these swaddles the most because they are large in size, nearly 47"x47". And since they came in the pack in 4 I was also able to use 2 as nursing covers. Highly recommended. Very soft (I purchased the gray collection) and have really good design and not to forget they are organic cotton.