Organic Cotton Produce Bags - 2 Large | 2 Medium | 2 Small

  • Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton by GOTS.
  • Reusable & Washable.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Breathable produce bags to be used in the refrigerator.
  • Tare weight on the label.



        The days of plastic bags are limited as more and more people today don’t want to sacrifice the health of our planet for a disposable bag. We offer you a fantastic, 100% ‘green’ solution that will help keep your produce fresh. Our top-quality organic cotton bags can be used to store anything you need, including fragile produce such as berries, herbs, and greens.

        The best thing is that these bags are not only made from natural ingredients only, they are also reusable and can serve you for many years to come. Organic cotton is completely biodegradable, so even when you choose to bin the bag, you won’t be hurting the environment.

      • Use Organic Cotton Bags for Anything

        Our bags are extremely versatile, which makes them a great investment. Below are the sizes of each bags:

        • XS - 6"x9"
        • S – 8"x10"
        • M – 10"x12"
        • L – 12"x15"
        • XL - 14"x18"

        size chart organic cotton bags

      • USES:

        They are truly multipurpose as you can use them not only to store various items but also cook. Here are some of the suggested uses for these fantastic bags:

        • Store any type of produce.
          A cotton bag is breathable, so it can hold any kind of product and you won’t have to worry about it rotting in your fridge, like it would in a plastic container. Your fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, berries, and any other type of food you choose to put in the bag will remain fresh.
        • Keep your greens fresh while in the fridge.
          One common ‘disadvantage’ of refrigerators is that the air within them is a bit too dry. This is OK for the majority of products, but it causes any greens to wilt right away. Our organic cotton bags can help you prevent this. Just dampen the bag before putting it in the fridge. It’ll keep your lettuce and any other similar food deliciously crunchy for much longer.
        • Strain homemade yogurt.
          Do you prefer making your own yogurt, or maybe cheese? These bags are 100% safe, so you can use them to strain any of these products easily. Just wash the bag afterward and it’ll be like new, so you’ll be able to use it for any other purpose.
        • Cook herbs and spices.
          Herbal teas and broths are easy to cook with these bags as you don’t have to strain them. Just put the ingredients inside and place it into the boiling water.
        • Store children’s items and toys.
          Of course, you want your baby to be safe, so everything that comes into contact with their skin has to be safe and free from any pollutants. Our bags are certified to meet the Global Organic Textile Standards. They are completely safe for you and your family.
        • Store precious china and silverware.
          These breathable and ‘clean’ bags are perfect for storing these precious items as they will prevent the appearance of plaque and protect them from oxidation.

        These are only some of the possible uses for our organic cotton bags. We are confident that they will find a place in every home, helping both your family and our planet to be healthier.

    We guarantee the quality of every item and promise fast delivery. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product you can always return it for full refund. We will even pay for the return shipping.

    These produce bags are made in India using the finest and locally grown organic cotton. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 116 reviews
    Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

    Love using them at the store and not using plastic. Have not washed them yet, but if they hold up like others have said, these will be great.


    I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic I use everyday, and these little pouches are just perfect. I don't use the clear bags at supermarkets anymore. I simply put them in my canvas shopping bag, rinse + trim the veggies at home, and store them neatly in these cotton produce bags. I've bought a few too many for everyday use but I plan to share them with my friends and family so that they, too, can try to reduce plastic usage in their lives.


    We love it, weekly groceries without plastic! We use it mostly for bread ^__^

    Great Produce Bags

    Bought the bags for shopping at farmers markets. I love the organic cotton mesh for produce--they're a gift and I know they will be loved. I plan on buying more after the holidays.

    Great bags!

    I have been wanting these type s of bags for awhile. These are the perfect sizes and softness. I juice greens every day and they are big enough to fit the big kale and chards I juice. Thank you for a great product. I highly recommend them!


    The organic cotton mesh bags are a great replacement for plastic produce bags. I got extras for my daughters and plan to buy more, and also be prepared to tell everyone who comments on them in the market where they come from. Thank you!

    Great quality and fast shipping!

    I absolutely love these bags, I couldn’t wait to use them so I went grocery shopping they day they came in. No joke. I have since used them for other items: my craft items, travel items...I’m thinking about giving them as gifts, but I’m worried my friends/family won’t actually use them, lol.


    Quality is just as expected - perfect! I really enjoyed using these in the grocery store the other day. Hopefully more people will begin to use these so we can eliminate the amount of plastic usage!


    The bags are made with such good quality. I love them. I was so excited to use them that day I had to go buy groceries lol


    My bags came in quickly and are the exact size as described. I have already used them and am very satisfied with my decision to go "plastic-bag-less! with the help of Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags"