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Canvas Lunch Bag

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  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • Washable & Reusable Lunch Bag
  • Snap button closure
  • Inner lining made of polyester to protect from spills
  • Big & Versatile for many uses

11 inches X 8 inches X 4 inches

Canvas Lunch Bags

It's early in the morning and you are trying to get everyone out the door for the day. You have everyone else's lunch but yours sits in the fridge, a group of reusable containers that need a home. You are trying to be eco-conscious, which means your home has reusable bags, but none of them are truly right for carrying your lunch. Enter Organic Cotton Mart's canvas lunch bags.

canvas lunch bags

Made from cotton and built to last, Organic Cotton Mart's reusable canvas lunch bag is designed to look great and help you reduce the number of bags you are using on a daily basis. The tough canvas bag is made to not just look good but to also give you a comfortable bag that you can use and reuse for your lunches or the lunches of anyone in our family. This canvas lunch bag is designed to fit whatever you need with comfort and style. Features like the reinforced cutout handle and snap button enclosure make packing and carrying easy. The large opening makes packing a breeze and you can also fold the bag down extra small for simple storage.

If you are looking for a reusable canvas bag that looks and feels different, then look no further than this bag from Organic Cotton Mart.

Features of Canvas Lunch Tote:

Our bag has a number of key features focused on making it comfortable, easy to use, and designed to keep up with you and your healthy, active lifestyle.

100% organic cotton canvas: Strong and long-lasting, this organic cotton bag is made from canvas that will hold up to daily use. Unlike other tote bags and reusable bags, this canvas bag is strong and tear-resistant. Whether the bag is for the office or the schoolyard, it is designed to last.

Washable & reusable lunch bag: Why rely on multiple plastic bags instead of a single, dependable one? So often, we choose to use bags once and throw them away. In turn, those bags are designed to be disposable and wind up being very expensive to keep replacing. Do your wallet and the planet a favor with a reusable bag made with natural, organic plant materials.

Snap button closure: Make sure the contents stay put with a strong and simple snap enclosure. This canvas lunch bag has a snap button that is easy to open and close but will prevent your lunch from spilling out. Plus, reinforced cutout handles make carrying this bag extra comfortable and extra easy.

Inner lining made of polyester to protect from spills: If something accidentally opens in your bag, don't worry! A thin polyester lining reinforces the canvas and provides spill protection. Thanks to the lining, your canvas lunch bag will be more spill-resistant and even easier to clean.

Big & versatile for many uses: While this bag is designed for lunches it is big enough to be used in all kinds of situations. Heading to the Farmers Market for some produce? Need a small bag to head to your favorite local store? How about something to hold snacks and entertainment for your kids while you're out for the day? This bag is big, versatile and strong enough for whatever you need!

Why Choose Canvas Lunch Bags?

While it's tempting to reuse single-use bags for lunches and errands, these bags are not only bad for the environment but are increasingly inconvenient and expensive. More and more shops are charging for bags and they often end up in a pile under a person's sink or simply in the garbage.

Reusable canvas lunch bags help you cut out single-use plastics, helping you and the environment at the same time. Plus, the beautiful organic cotton look, simple design, and fun graphics of this bag lets you look good while being more environmentally conscious.

Choosing a tough bag made of canvas will save you money as well, especially for anyone who leads an active lifestyle that requires high-quality products. From the schoolyard to the downtown office, this cotton lunch bag can stand up to anything.

Reusable and suitable for use with meals, storage, or even groceries, this modern lunch bag is great for children, women, men – anyone, really, who wants to help save our planet. Organic Cotton Mart is dedicated to creating high-quality, responsible products that incorporate 100% organic cotton into their design and execution. Our wish is that consumers can start to lead more eco-conscious lives that will benefit themselves and the environment with products that are fashionable, easy-to-use and affordable. Be sure to check out our full line of products for even more ways that you can lead a fashionably eco-conscious life.


  • FUN MODERN ILLUSTRATIONS: You can carry around your lunch in style with this fun reusable lunch bag. You'll get a unique and modern illustration with durable cotton material that won't fade or scratch off over time. Great for use time and time again in a modern style that you won't find anywhere else. Just the companion for everyday style.
  • SPACIOUS AND EASY TO PACK: The bag is large enough to hold lunch, supper or even groceries. The bag's dimensions make it easy to pack and you'll be able to use it for all sorts of food-safe purposes, even if they shift. There is also a food safe lining and the lining itself is wipeable for sanitation between meals and uses.
  • AUTHENTIC ORGANIC COTTON USED IN DESIGN: Only the best materials are put to use in this lunch bag, so you can enjoy the 100% organic cotton used in this reusable lunch bag. It will be durable and offer you protection and longevity that you won't find in another reusable lunch bag.
  • SECURE CLOSURES FOR FOOD PROTECTION: Whether the users are kids or adults, the secure snaps will offer food protection in keeping the bag tightly closed. This is great if you have fruit or other small pieces of food in the bag for a snack. The snaps are easy to use for small and big hands alike for convenience and practicality.
  • COMFORTABLE TO CARRY AROUND: This organic cotton reusable lunch bag is easy to carry around with its durable handles and comfortable sizing. It can be folded flat when empty and is lightweight to make sure that you aren't toting around something that just isn't practical.

Why switch to organic cotton lunch bag?

When you are actively searching for storage and comfort when it comes to your lunch hour, look no further than this organic cotton reusable lunch bag. With quality materials and detailed craftsmanship that is going to speak to the overall look and feel of this bag, you'll be able to use this at school, work, or anywhere else. The wipeable liner is great for keeping everything sanitary, and the durable organic cotton design is perfect for those who like a good deal in durability, too.

Reusable and suitable for use with meals, storage, or even groceries, this modern lunch bag is great for children, women, men – anyone, really, who wants something that is going to be a little different.

If you know someone who absolutely loves the idea of a reusable lunch bag and enjoys having a standard sized bag that can be perfected to their own specific storage needs, this cotton lunch bag is certainly the option to offer the most perks to its user.

It's so popular and designer-made, you'll be the leader of the pack when it comes to the break room or cafeteria style. Soon, everyone will be asking you just where you can find a dependable and reusable

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Amy Brooks

Canvas Lunch Bag

Ryan Nakafuji
Five Star Purchase ⭐️

Very good lunch bag! 🙂 Holds my lunch container very nicely with “room to spare.”

Five stars! ⭐️ Thank you very much! 🙂

Maureen Neuburger
Organic cotton produce bags

Great quality . I just recently received the bags and so far produce is staying fresh after 5 days , kale hasn’t even wilted . Love the lunch bag . Very reasonably priced. Would definitely buy again and would recommend

Thomas Daloidio
Great lunch bag

The perfect size, not too small, not too big.
I’m going to order at least one more. Thanks

The polyester lining on the lunch tote is a nice feature

The polyester lining on the lunch tote is very helpful as it provides a wet-dry barrier for items like an apple or water bottle. You can also wipe down the lining easier, quickly and more often than the canvas.

Charity Quinn
Happy Happy

The gifts were a big hit! The blanket is warm and the lunch bag gets stars every day it it is used!

Aditi Hilbert
Well constructed, perfectly sized lunch bag!

Love the look and quality of the sturdy material. Made to last - so very worth it!

Susan Myers
Lunch Bags

I do like the lunch bags but they could be a bit larger

Katherine Linart
Perfect lunch bag!

Haven't used it yet, but I'm very glad I got this bag. Nice size, good quality, cute lunch bag. Perfect.

Sturdy Lunch Bag

I really like how sturdy this bag is and the nice orange lining. It's bigger than I expected too and fits a lot!