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Wave Design

What is a Cotton Woven Blanket?

Cozy in the winters and cool in the summers – a cotton woven blanket is your ticket to all-weather bliss. While plant-based cotton is known for being breezy, once you weave its fibers together, the fabric stays light and airy but with more insulation powers. 

Interlocking the cotton yarn fibers through weaving makes the fabric sturdy and better at trapping body heat. What you get is a blanket that’ll keep you warm and sweat-free, no matter the season. 

In this guide, we will explain in more detail the types of cotton blankets, their benefits, all the different factors you should consider before making a purchase, how to wash and care for cotton blankets, and a few FAQs about organic cotton blankets.

Types of Cotton Woven Blankets

Cotton is one of the most versatile fabrics around. Through the age-old craft of weaving, artisans give it varied texture, weight, and aesthetic appeal.

Here are some of the most popular weaves you’ll find when shopping for a cotton blanket.

  • Waffle Weave: Named after the popular breakfast dish because it looks like one! A waffle weave cotton blanket is loomed to create a small rectangular 3D pattern. The tiny indented shapes hold heat effectively, while the breathable fabric allows good airflow. A perfect all-weather blanket that’s fluffy, lofty, and incredibly soft.

  • Dobby Weave: The dobby technique became prominent in the 1840s. To create a dobby weave, the artisan requires a specialized loom attachment. The pattern is highly detailed and textured. Soft cotton yarn is woven in intricate designs that vary from floral to geometric. It’s an eye-catching blanket that’s sure to jazz up the aesthetics of any space!

  • Rib Weave: In looks, it might be a tad subtle compared to dobby and waffle weave, but it’s just as warm and comfy. The ribbed pattern is timeless and goes remarkably well with contemporary decor.

  • Basket Weave: A basket weave cotton blanket has interlocked fibers that mimic the criss-cross square pattern of a woven basket. This pattern is created by passing two or more warp threads over and under two or more weft threads. It’s one of the most wrinkle-resistant of all cotton weaves.

Benefits of Using Cotton Woven Blankets Instead of Synthetic Fiber Blankets

Quality bedding can do wonders in restoring blissful, stress-free sleep. Here’s what makes a woven cotton blanket a great pick for your home.

  1. Breathable

    When it comes to breezy and breathable fabrics, cotton wins the crown. These cotton blankets are made of all-natural fibers, allowing the air to pass through easily. With one of these wrapped around, you’ll stay warm but won’t be waking up in a puddle of sweat, that’s for sure. 

  2. Lightweight 

    Compared to down comforters and bulky woolen blankets, a cotton weave blanket will feel featherlight. The lightness of these blankets is guaranteed to make you warm and cocooned without cranking up your body heat. Plus, they fold into a compact size, making them perfect whenever you crave on-the-go comfort.

  3. Durable

    On their own, cotton fibers are durable and strong; when woven in a tight-knit, they become all the more resilient. A little care will go a long way with cotton blankets.

  4. All-Season Comfort

    Cool and airy in the summers and warm in the winters - what more could one ask for from an all-weather blanket? With an optimum blend of lightweight, breathability, and thermal properties, these blankets will get you through every season. Wrap it around on a cool summer evening, or use it as a base layer to keep you toasty on chillier winter nights. 

  5. Stylish and Versatile

    The sumptuous patterns and gorgeous earthy colorways are designed to elevate the aesthetics of any space. Besides their distinctive appeal, cotton bed blankets are incredibly versatile - use them for sleeping, lounging, or traveling, all year round.

  6. Easy to Care for and Maintain

    One of the best features of cotton bed blankets is how easy they are to wash and dry. You could wash them by hand or toss them in the washer and follow it up by hang drying or tumble drying. You won’t find many winter bedding options that are as fuss-free to maintain as cotton woven blankets. 

  7. Upcycle-Friendly

    The woven cotton fabric is highly absorbent. When you’re done using these blankets, you could cut them apart and use them as kitchen towels, dust rags, scarves, or napkins. 

  8. Ideal for Sensitive Skin

    Pure organic cotton blankets are super skin-friendly which stems from how this fiber is grown. The organic variety of cotton is cultivated without pesticides or toxic elements, making the fabric gentle on the skin. 

  9. Designed for Easy Travel 

    Cotton weave blankets are ultra-light, packable, and designed to offer a cozy refuge wherever and whenever you need it. Whether it’s a road trip or a long-haul flight, cotton blankets are designed to deliver the best on-the-go snuggles.

  10. Improves Sleep Quality

    This benefit pretty much sums up this list. Good quality woven cotton blankets have a calming effect on your body, busting stress and putting you to sleep instantly.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Cotton Weave Blanket

Now that you’re up to speed with all the fantastic benefits of owning a woven cotton blanket, here are some things to know that’ll help you choose a blanket that goes perfectly with your home and lifestyle.

  • Made from Organic Cotton

    As a natural, plant-based fiber, cotton is biodegradable, but the process of growing it takes up enormous amounts of water, pesticides, and energy. It is precisely for this reason that regular cotton is often called “the world’s dirtiest crop.” Say hello to organic cotton - a far more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative grown with substantially less water, energy, and no pesticides. A blanket made from 100% certified organic cotton yarn is non-toxic, skin-friendly, and planet-friendly.

  • Grams Per Square Meter (GSM)

    Grams per square meter or GSM measures the weight and thickness of the blanket. The higher the GSM, the heavier and warmer the blanket will be. All-weather blankets typically fall in the GSM range of 200-500 GSM. Anything more than that would be useful only during wintertime.

  • Pre-Washed and Pre-Shrunk

    All natural fibers shrink upon first wash. So, it’s a good idea to buy a blanket that comes pre-washed. A pre-shrunk cotton weave blanket would be loftier, softer, and hold its shape and size compared to a non-pre-washed one.

  • Design and Color

    In cotton weave blankets, you’ll find an array of fascinating patterns, knits, and colorways that leave you spoilt for choice. Every weave has a distinctive appeal. Choose from a chunky waffle knit, floral dobby design, or cozy rib knit weave - and toss it over your bed or couch to add texture and make any living space more inviting and snuggle-worthy.

  • Weather Suitability

    If you live somewhere tropical and balmy, a low GSM with a loose or chunky weave will do just fine. However, if the weather around you tends to get frigid and chilly, you’re better off buying a higher GSM blanket with a tighter knit for enhanced insulation and thickness.

  • Lightweight

    A woven blanket made from pure cotton fibers is featherlight. It keeps you warm without making you feel stifled. For a lightweight cotton blanket, make sure it is made from pure cotton and has a GSM in the range of 200-500.

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging

    An organic cotton blanket is sustainable and earth-friendly. However, it would be odd if it came in single-use plastic packaging. To ensure your blanket is low-impact, make sure it is packed in reusable and recyclable material. 

  • Fuss-Free Upkeep

    Cotton woven blankets tend to be easy to maintain. They are usually machine washable and dryer safe. The woven texture also makes them resistant to wrinkles. Whichever blanket you choose, don’t forget to glance through the care instructions to keep them in mint condition for years.

How to Wash and Care for Your Woven Cotton Blankets

Unlike bulky duvets and comforters that always end up hiking your dry cleaning bill, cotton bed blankets are super low maintenance. They are machine washable and dryer safe. Also great? These blankets hold their softness, shape, and texture, wash after wash. You won’t have to worry about fading, pilling, and shedding with these. 

To make these blankets last even longer, use natural detergent and run the wash on a gentle cycle. You could air dry it or toss it in the dryer on a low setting along with eco-friendly and reusable wool dryer balls. 


Are Cotton Weave Blankets Warm?

Yes, cotton weave blankets are made for all-season warmth. As a standalone, a cotton blanket is excellent at keeping you cozy all the way to the autumn, but in winter, you might want to use it as a base layer or double up a duvet.

Why Choose 100% Cotton Blankets?

Not many fabrics can take on cotton when it comes to year-long warmth and comfort. 100% pure cotton is breathable and cool, but when woven, it gets a higher thermal resistance. An organic cotton blanket is typically softer, loftier, and lighter than those made from other natural or synthetic fabrics. 

Which Type of Blanket is Best for Sleeping?

A woven cotton blanket, of course! Regardless of the weave you pick, your cotton blanket will be a perfect companion for a comfy, well-earned nap. 

Are Cotton Blankets Comfortable?

The blanket’s weave works remarkably well in heat distribution and circulating air under its cover. Plus, the raised texture means the blanket won’t cling to your skin and make you sweaty. These airy, lightweight, and comfy blankets are perfect for hot sleepers.

What Does GSM Mean in Blankets?

GSM, or grams per square meter, indicates the weight and thickness of the blanket. 

How Much GSM is Good for Blankets

Any blanket in the zone of 200-300 GSM will be perfect for summer and as a base layer in winter. Meanwhile, those with a higher GSM will be heavy, warm, and winter-ready.