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Waffle Weave Throw
Kimberly Kowalkowski

Bankey. Love it

White Kitchen Towels
Beverly Arndt

These were a gift for my daughter. She said they are lovely. Very soft with well stitched hems. A joy to use!

Canvas Grocery Tote Bags
Liane K Williams
Great Quality

These tote bags were a gift for my father. They have durable fabric and look nice.

Wonderful Product!

Thank you so much for these wonderful dust bags. They are so well-made and affordable.

Great towels

I love the looks and feel of these towels! Will be ordering more


Soft enough won’t scratch your face and firm enough to get stubborn waterproof makeup off. Must buy!

Waffle Weave Throw
Barbara Hammond
Best Throw EVER!

i just love this throw blanket-the best part is it's organic.
It is one of the most versatile throws not too hot , not too cold -it hits the sweet spot!

Great Bags

Very pleased with these canvas bags. They're roomy and sturdy, and I love the side pockets for storing bottles. Highly recommend!

Bamboo Cutlery Set
Diane Booth
Very good

Utensils good but carry bag huge, useless.

Good quality tea towels

Just what I was hoping. Can’t wait to get creative and paint some fun designs for gifts.

Extra Large Canvas Tote
Dorothy Chaffee
The extra large canvas bag with zipper

Great canvas bag I just used it for an over night bag.
Plenty of room, I could put a lot of clothing into it, enough for three days.
I'm sure if I use it for groceries a lot will go into it too, it depends how strong you are at lifting heavy loads.
I gave it 5 stars because of how well it is constructed very durable too.
Keep up the good quality of your products. I am going to purchase more later.


I love the tote bags! They are sturdy and crafted very well. I also love how the base of the bags are wide so that when they are in the trunk the bags don’t fall over easily.

Canvas Lunch Bag
Amy Brooks

Canvas Lunch Bag

Canvas Grocery Tote Bags
Say succulently
Love these bags

Farmers market is more fun with these bags. Hope they hold up well over time. The only thing missing is small pocket I could use to put my wallet or phone.

Muslin Face Cloth
S Fitzpatrick
excellent face cloths

I was a little taken aback when these arrived because they looked like they were simply two layers of cheese cloth sewn together. However they are very soft and great on the face. I use micellar water for facial cleansing and these are a wonderful, reusable, substitute for the disposable cotton squares I had been using. I also keep some of these in the kitchen for quick wipe ups that I might have used paper towels for previously.
They wash up nicely and seem durable.

White Kitchen Towels
S Fitzpatrick
very nice kitchen towels

These are exactly as I hoped. They are a good size, they are absorbant and dry things nicely. They dry quickly after I've used them and hung them back up. They've only been through the wash once so far but seem like they will be durable.

Easy squeeze straining bags

These straining bags are great to use, much easier than the loose cheesecloth sheets or a sieve. I used one small bag to get the liquid out of a can of pumpkin puree and what a surprise. Instead of leaving the pumpkin in a strainer overnight and ending up with an almost dry product, it took 15 minutes to squeeze a cup of moisture out of the puree. Then I used the moisture to replace a cup of water in a multigrain bread recipe. Very happy with these straining bags; they wash up nicely.

Beautifully white and super soft

I use these swaddling cloths to line the carrying bag I use for my old dog. She has sensitive skin and is currently suffering from an eye ulcer. The soft, clean and lint free cloth keeps away irritants. Fluffy is a 9 pound Maltese who loves being outdoors. Since it is always windy here we need something to protect her from the sand and dirt and these swaddling cloths do the trick!

Great toothbrush!

This toothbrush feels so natural and light - the bristles are very soft but give you a very clean feel - and the charcoal infusion is a great idea - a win all the way around!

White Kitchen Towels
Rebecca Walker
White kitchen towels

I love these towels
I use them for my embroidery

Mesh & Fabric Tote Bag
Sandy Alberta
Great product!

The quality and durability is evident. Have not started to use yet used the bag but I am certain I’ll like it.

Muslin Produce Bags
Elysian Fields
Spacious and Useful

I really liked these bags, they are extremely useful for all sorts of daily uses and they fit a lot of veggies in a nice protective way. They are easy to clean and pack away in the car. I am even thinking about getting another set of these and having my nephew paint them for a Mother's day gift. These are just amazing.


My disappointment is two-fold: odor and shrinkage. I purchased 6 of these bags. Removed the cardboard and proceeded to wash the bags in cold water and hung them to dry. Did not use the dryer. To my amazement, the odor was from the cardboard, not the bags. So I sprayed the cardboard with Lysol, which helped. My problem came to fruition when trying to insert the cardboard back into the bags. Extremely difficult. Then the flaps would not cover the cardboard due to the shrinkage…at least an inch or more. I ended up cutting the tops of 7 pcs of cardboard so the flaps close. The bottom flap on each of my bags fit ok.
I only corrected one of my bags. Have not started cutting the cardboard on the rest. It’s a bit difficult using a scissors and I do not have a paper cutter.
In retrospect the bag is durable and put together really well, if you can ignore the shrinkage and
odor. Thank you.

So far so good.

To be honest, I have not yet used any of my purchases. Although my nephew was impressed with the collapsible grocery bag. My only negative response is the odor, which I hope disappears after washing. To be positive, the quality is there.

Muslin Produce Bags
Janet Rowland
Outstanding Product and Company

What wonderful products this company produces. Company is very responsive to customers and shipping was fast. Thank you!!