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Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bags - Strainer Bags - 8 Bags Set

Great alternative

Bags are bigger than I expected and pretty durable. These bags are great alternative to plastic bags and small paper bags.

One of my goals for 2020 is to cut down on plastic grocery bags. While I have used heavy canvas bags to carry my groceries home in, there were still the plastic produce bags. I purchased 6 cotton mesh large produce bags and I love them. They are so sturdy and easy to use. The check out staff is beginning to get use to the idea they have to open a bag to get to the bar code. I can’t recommend these bags enough to other people.

Love These Bags!

I love my Organic Cotton Mart reusable grocery bags! They’re durable, hold a lot of weight, and look great. I’ll definitely be buying more!

Well constructed

Well made and many uses! Can’t beat the price either

Reusable Farmer's Market Bags from Organic Cotton - 9 Piece Set

Just right

These cotton mesh produce bags are just right for various types and sizes of produce. I store the produce in them in the fridge too. They machine wash up well in cold water, line dry.

Eco-friendly, great size, convenient

These bags are great! I got the 6 medium size bags, and they are the perfect size.

Good deal

Good quality for the price

Great quality

Love the size, shape and quality of the tote. Will buy more in the future.

Love them

I keep them in my reusable bags in the car and they are there anytime I need them, clean, easy, and the right thing to do

Theses bags are thick, well-made, and hold a lot.

Great Cotton

Love the new softness. I haven't utilized the large bags, yet. Found the small & medium to be terrific! Will be giving as gifts to friends and family

Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Bags

The bags are perfect for storing vegetables and are well made. I would definitely purchase again.

I'm buying these for all my friends.

These bags are great. I no longer have my limes or Brussels sprouts rolling around check out counters. No more plastic bags for me : )

Nothing Comes Close To These Bags!

I LOVE these bags! I ordered more to add to the ones I have because there are so many uses and they replace plastic! My friends are also impressed after ordering them! The quality cannot be surpassed .

versatile and soft

these cloths have been my favorite purchase yet. exactly what i was looking for and from a trusted company. i use them as washcloths, but the uses are endless. these are very soft, which is a must for myself and my 3-year old son.

great products

serendipity brought me to this website and i have now purchased the nutmilk bags, reusable farmer's market bags (mesh and solid), the multi-compartment tote and finally the 10-pack of muslin cloths. all great products. the farmer's market bags have gotten great use since day one. do not hesitate to purchase from this company; they produce quality goods that are reusable and absolutely versatile. a mistake on my first order was corrected very quickly. thank you.

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Covers all the bases

These organic cotton produce bags are great. Good quality, multiple sizes,
easy care and a great help to reducing the use of plastic. The pricing is good
and the shipping speedy.

Great products

The bags are sturdy, well made and washable. I'm very happy with them.

I love all of my cotton bags!


it was good

These bags are great! I make almond and peanut milk and these bags work great for straining it.