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Muslin Produce Bags
Wonderful Products

High quality

Form Core Board for Stability

Organic Cotton Mart suggests using thick scrap cardboard as a base. I would try foam core board instead. It also can be cut down to fit inside the bottom of the bag. It is removable and has a coating so it can be wiped clean.

BB gifts

These make great gifts but are better when delivered filled not gift wrapped.

Muslin Produce Bags
Molly Aston
Versatile grocery bags

Well made and versatile.

Canvas Grocery Tote Bags
Great bag

Excellent quality and fair size.😀

Love organiccotton

These bags are great! Got for RV to help with vegetables lasting longer. Also great size grocery bag with wine bottle pockets

I like my Farmers Market Bag Set

This is my second set of Farmer's Market Bags, the large canvas bag is sturdy and great to carry my shopping at the farmers market. Some threads in the small muslin bag are loose but should be easy to fix. I really like my bags

very useful

love the quality, the different sized straws are so useful as well as the carry pouch

Mesh Produce Bags
Kristee Rosendahl

Great quality, useful sizes and were just what I was looking for…

Muslin Produce Bags
Susan Massari Cohn
Muslin produce bags

These are awesome! I am almost completely done with plastic, washable, great sizes. Good, quality product.

Reusable Nylon Mesh Produce Bags

Theyre fine, but I seem not to be using them very much. My problem, not the problem of the bags.

Mystery Item
Isabella Leisgang
Love it!!!

Very useful and cute!!!

Very well made, thoughtfully designed, shrink a lot

These are very nicely made and thoughtfully designed. They are washable and shrink quite a bit when your husband (who doesn't read labels) puts them in the dryer.

Reusable Grocery Organic Cotton Tote Bag

The reusable grocery organic cotton tote bag deserves five stars ⭐️ because it more than does its job. The bag holds a lot more groceries than one would think.

Additionally, the bag is a lot stronger than it appears.

Finally, the bag is washable so one can keep it clean. I highly recommend this bag!

Canvas Lunch Bag
Ryan Nakafuji
Five Star Purchase ⭐️

Very good lunch bag! 🙂 Holds my lunch container very nicely with “room to spare.”

Five stars! ⭐️ Thank you very much! 🙂

These bags are awesome!!

So happy that I found these bags, been looking for ones that will hold up for a long time and not tear apart from the weight of the groceries. These work! I am buying more for my daughter.

Muslin Produce Bags
Oceanah D'amore
Good bye plastic bags

So happy to shift to these great cotton bags and not use plastic! All the fruit and veggies stay fresh and crisp. Good sizes!

Canvas Grocery Tote Bags
Dylan Mestyanek
Awesome size and quality!

These bags are great. Super tall, durable, and the straps are long enough to wear on your shoulder like a tote bag! Totally love it! Would definitely buy more in the future if I needed!

Works beautifully, cleans up like new

I actually bought the big nut milk bags for making cold brew coffee. Success!

Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

Really great idea. Well made product. After using, they hand wash and air dry quickly. The only thing I would change is to have the pulls on the small bags on the top of the bags, as opposed to the long side; you can fit more in the bag had this been done.

Great Quality Products/ Very Pleased!

All the products I purchased were high quality
and I would definitely buy more in the future. My
sister loved everything and decided to buy as well.

Mesh Produce Bags
Laura Koenig
I really like these but they're hard to sort.

I actually get compliments at our local farmer's market about these -- from the vendors. They are so functional and simple. The one suggestion I have is this: I have taken to sewing little pieces of different-color fabric onto the labels so that I can tell the size when i've got them all clipped together. Do you have some friendly resilient dye that you could use on the labels to save me that little stitching task?

Love these bags!

I bought a set as a bridal shower gift but also a set for myself. I have used mine and LOVE them! The shower is this Saturday and I am using her set as reusable gift bags

Makes some great Cold Brew

I used two of the medium cloth bags in order to make some cold brew coffee (2 medium bags as opposed to 2 big bag because of the volume:opening ratio). Makes some good coffee, there are some fine grounds at the bottom of the coffee cup, but the product seems to stand up to the process alright.

Bren McNeely
Beautiful quality

Well made product of quality materials. Ready to make some cheese!!