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Mystery Gift

Love the net shopping bag. Very vintage, lightweight and convenient!
Thank you

Bamboo Cutlery Set
Renee Rutledge
Husband loved them

My husband has been using bamboo cutlery for years. He wanted a fork that was sharper than most. He loved the fork. He did wish the spoon cavity was larger, but overall he was happy.

Mystery Item
Jennifer Rosenberg
Great mystery item

So much fun!! I was super glad I chose a mystery item.

Quality products, quick delivery, company very good at updating status on orders...this is my second order and I still love the grocery totes, produce bags (mesh and muslin), and the French market tote bags

Great bags

I really like these bags. The reason for 4 stars is because they shrunk a lot when I washed them.

Canvas grocery tote bags

I love them! They are organic cotton and washable. I use them for groceries.. They are plenty big to hold a lot!

Great product

I’ve used the cotton tote bags for about a year now and love them. I’ve just received the gift bags and the one I used was appreciated by the recipient and I love how easy it makes wrapping.

Great product

Used them for horchatas, they worked great and cleaned up perfectly in the dishwasher. Would love an option to buy only large diameter straws for boba tea, in the mixed pack there are only a couple large enough for the tapioca balls

Mesh Produce Bags
Dorothy Chaffee
Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

These cotton mesh bags are very well made, and hold my produce.
I also use them for my fruit too, the draw string closure works real good.
These bags are a keeper.
Two thumbs up.

Lots of uses

Lost all our rags and towels in a house fire last year and got sick of wasting paper towels in our temporary housing. Saw these and they're perfect! They serve as napkins, towels, rags, you name it, and look crisp (so far) hanging to dry after use. If I had energy I'd definitely set a few aside to embroider or stencil to use as cloth napkins or the like. Feel larger than expected, yet light. Don't know how they hold up only because haven't had them that long.

No more plastic bags

These are great bags. There are various sizes for any produce needs.

Love these bags

I ordered grocery bags and mesh produce bags. I love these products. The grocery bags are large and very sturdy. There are sleeves along the sides to hold items in place so they don’t bang around. The produce bags are very nice and come in multiple sizes for any produce need. I bought these to eliminate plastic bag use. I am very happy with this purchase.

Muslin Produce Bags
Wonderful Products

High quality

Form Core Board for Stability

Organic Cotton Mart suggests using thick scrap cardboard as a base. I would try foam core board instead. It also can be cut down to fit inside the bottom of the bag. It is removable and has a coating so it can be wiped clean.

Linen Bread Bags
Vera Kaminski
BB gifts

These make great gifts but are better when delivered filled not gift wrapped.

Muslin Produce Bags
Molly Aston
Versatile grocery bags

Well made and versatile.

Canvas Grocery Tote Bags
Great bag

Excellent quality and fair size.😀

Love organiccotton

These bags are great! Got for RV to help with vegetables lasting longer. Also great size grocery bag with wine bottle pockets

I like my Farmers Market Bag Set

This is my second set of Farmer's Market Bags, the large canvas bag is sturdy and great to carry my shopping at the farmers market. Some threads in the small muslin bag are loose but should be easy to fix. I really like my bags

very useful

love the quality, the different sized straws are so useful as well as the carry pouch

Mesh Produce Bags
Kristee Rosendahl

Great quality, useful sizes and were just what I was looking for…

Muslin Produce Bags
Susan Massari Cohn
Muslin produce bags

These are awesome! I am almost completely done with plastic, washable, great sizes. Good, quality product.

Reusable Nylon Mesh Produce Bags

Theyre fine, but I seem not to be using them very much. My problem, not the problem of the bags.

Mystery Item
Isabella Leisgang
Love it!!!

Very useful and cute!!!

Very well made, thoughtfully designed, shrink a lot

These are very nicely made and thoughtfully designed. They are washable and shrink quite a bit when your husband (who doesn't read labels) puts them in the dryer.