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Quality Product

Items were received in a timely fashion and the quality stated in the description, matched what was sent.

A MUST have in you reuseabke grocery bag!

Well made and quickly sent. Let's save the earth, animals and sea life from plastic bags!

Better than I expected.

I love these bags and will probably order more.

Thank you

Good products

Organic Cotton Produce Bags

Quality Product

The quality and timeliness of receiving this order was appreciated. I would highly recommend these to others.

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Reusable Grocery Organic Cotton Tote Bag

The reusable grocery organic cotton tote bag deserves five stars ⭐️ because it more than does its job. The bag holds a lot more groceries than one would think. Additionally, it is a lot stronger than it appears. Finally, the bag is washable so one can keep it clean. I highly recommend this bag!


I am amazed that the shredded lettuce I bought over a week ago is still crisp and delicious! I can’t recommend these bags enough.

Quality Product

My cotton tote bags were high quality and were as described on the site. I am pleased with my purchase.

Just what I hoped for

Thank you for the handsome bags and the quick shipping!

Perfect Gifts

I ordered these for gifts. They are a perfect solution to eliminating harmful plastics. They came in three sizes. I gave away the two largest and am using the two smallest for me. Thanks for providing organic products

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Love using them at the store and not using plastic. Have not washed them yet, but if they hold up like others have said, these will be great.


I am trying to reduce the amount of plastic I use everyday, and these little pouches are just perfect. I don't use the clear bags at supermarkets anymore. I simply put them in my canvas shopping bag, rinse + trim the veggies at home, and store them neatly in these cotton produce bags. I've bought a few too many for everyday use but I plan to share them with my friends and family so that they, too, can try to reduce plastic usage in their lives.

We love it, weekly groceries without plastic! We use it mostly for bread ^__^

Great Produce Bags

Bought the bags for shopping at farmers markets. I love the organic cotton mesh for produce--they're a gift and I know they will be loved. I plan on buying more after the holidays.

Great bags!

I have been wanting these type s of bags for awhile. These are the perfect sizes and softness. I juice greens every day and they are big enough to fit the big kale and chards I juice. Thank you for a great product. I highly recommend them!

The organic cotton mesh bags are a great replacement for plastic produce bags. I got extras for my daughters and plan to buy more, and also be prepared to tell everyone who comments on them in the market where they come from. Thank you!

Great quality and fast shipping!

I absolutely love these bags, I couldn’t wait to use them so I went grocery shopping they day they came in. No joke. I have since used them for other items: my craft items, travel items...I’m thinking about giving them as gifts, but I’m worried my friends/family won’t actually use them, lol.

Quality is just as expected - perfect! I really enjoyed using these in the grocery store the other day. Hopefully more people will begin to use these so we can eliminate the amount of plastic usage!


The bags are made with such good quality. I love them. I was so excited to use them that day I had to go buy groceries lol

My bags came in quickly and are the exact size as described. I have already used them and am very satisfied with my decision to go "plastic-bag-less! with the help of Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags"

So happy with my purchase

Amazingly made bags. So sturdy, simple and it’s even better knowing they’re organic and ethically made. Thank you.


I got a tote along with mesh produce bags, and grain bags... I got all sizes and I love them. Great quality and quick shipping. THANK YOU!