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Great Buy

I'm a beginner on the less plastic waste journey. I love my produce bags and grocery tote bag! They're better than I thought they'd be. My sister got inspired to get some too. They felt so easy and actually cool to use at the store. Makes using plastic bags look silly now. Wonderful quality at a great price! I will definitely buy from here if and when I need more.


These bags feel really durable and like they will last forever, the pockets inside are a really nice feature as well. I'm happy that I purchased 3 and I feel that I probably won't need to purchase any more in the near future, so definitely a worthwhile investment!

Excellent quality bags

I was very pleased with the variety of sizes these bags are available in and how useful they are in the produce aisle. I no longer need to use the little plastic bags in the grocery store for my vegetables. Those are hard to open and not reusable unlike these wonderful cotton bags I purchased. Highly recommended!

Happy shopper

Well made, strong totes. Glad to have a selection that includes bottle holders and the best part is the organic cotton. Looking forward to years of Farmer’s Market shopping with these bags.

I'm glad I ordered two sets!

Great purchase!

These cotton mesh produce bags are so handy and it is exactly what I was looking for. They are great quality and dries quickly, works great!

Organic Cotton Bags

These bags are great! I ordered 2 each of Xlarge, large and medium and use them all the time. However, the checkers have a some what difficult time reading the item numbers through the bag. I love them!

Fabulous Customer Service

Happy with my bags, although a bit small they stretch out for larger items. I also use them a pots and pans wrappers in my galley in RV to stop rattles when driving.

These are amazing

These bags are very durable, strong, and there a great size. They came fast in the mail. I’m very happy with this purchase!

Thanks it was exactly what I expected. These will be Christmas gifts to co workers.

Great bags

Very well made, great for storing onions and garlic in the pantry. Washes well, but air dry.


These bags are so practical, and I love how cute they look in my pantry and fridge. I'm so glad I invested in these. I take the tote bag everywhere for any kind of shopping that I do.

Excellent addition to my low waste lifestyle!

I was so happy to find these bags. Prices on their site were much better than Amazon and the packaging the company used was all paper, very in tune with the environmental message they have.

Bags are of great quality, have already used them twice and they hold vegetables very well. I got the Small size but will probably come back for more of the Large ones because I buy larger produce every now and then (lettuce, leeks, etc). I'm also considering buying some more to gift to friends too!

Best bags ever

These are fantastic bags for produce no more polluting the environment with plastic waste! Very well made and can be used for so many things! Love them, thank you Organic Cotton for helping in our fight against oceans and
and landfills overrun with plastic bags.

Produce pags

We love our cotton produce bags! I’ve been using them for shopping, gathering veggies from the garden and storing dried fruit in them!!! Thank you!


Great quality!!! I love them and I feel so good about using them!! I am doing my part to get rid of single use plastic bags!

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Organic cotton nut milk bags

They’re very convenient and easy to wash.

Reusable bags

Glad I can wash these bags while feeling goon going green

Love these bags!

It does my heart good to finally leave the grocery store without a single plastic bag used simply to get fresh produce home. These bags are perfect - lightweight yet sturdy, easy to use, and hold plenty of goods!

Organic Cotton Mesh & Fabric Tote Bag

Great product! Sturdy and natural, not anything I have to worry about contributing to the polluting of our planet. Thank you

Nice bag, wrinkles after washing

Great bag - nice size and I like the interior pockets. Because of the material, once you wash and air dry them, they become very wrinkly and a bit stiff. I never iron but I did end up ironing these!

Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Bags

These bags are great!

I take a few with me when I shop for produce. The veggies stay refrigerated in the bags until I'm ready to use them. The bags provide a plastic-free way to shop and store fresh produce. I love them.