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Love them!

I ordered one set just to see if I liked them. I did! So much, that I ordered another set for my husband.

Love these pads!

I use these with an oil cleanser to wash off sunscreen or makeup and they are a revelation to me. Before, I used heavy cotton terry face cloths and now I think that's why I always break out, too much exfoliation I think. These are strong enough yet fine enough to not irritate my skin. Been using about two weeks and (doops) eating lots of ice cream and using lots of sunscreen while out playing pickleball, come back home, wash my face with these, and haven't broke out yet (very unusual). So yeah, love these pads!

It isn't just about a reusable shopping bag- think about end of life for that bag

I have been changing my house over to reusable this or that. Getting rid of plastic. Thinking more about end of life for all my reusable items. I purchased the cotton mesh tote bags to assure I can compost them when they are worn out. The construction of the bags is great, the handles are long enough for over the shoulder. I will recommend these along with the product bags that I've been using for a long time.

Great value

Really appreciated mystery items I recieved and it was a great value for the price. I purchased 3 and obtained 1. a toothbrush & cutlery, 2. a lunch bag, and 3. XL produce bags. I wish more companies offered mystery items. It very exciting to get these.

Cotton bags

Love these bags for making cold brew coffee. Would recommend.

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

Terrific, quality bags

These are terrific bags for produce and are strong enough they don't need an additional bag. Makes for a better shopping experience.

Fantastic products!

Durable, will not be wearing out any time soon. Highly recommend for carrying all kinds of things, not just groceries. Great quality, easy to wash and reuse endlessly.

Awesome for harvesting & hiking

Purchased the bags for harvesting plants in the forest. Cotton bags are lightweight, can see what is in the bag, allows plants to breathe, and easy to clean. Cotton bags are my thank you to Nature for her kindness. Thank you to Organic Cotton mart for these bags.


I’m glad I found something to use for cooking that’s organic. Thank you for your products!

Excellent Bags

These bags are well constructed and having various sizes is a real plus at the store. They certainly meet all of my expectations & I would recommend them to others. I have not washed them yet, but anticipate they will be fine.

Great for farmers markets

I used these at the farmers market and it was awesome! It felt nice not to have a crinkly plastic reusable bag on my shoulder.

Tote bag

Well made.. A bit shallow. HAS to be carried over the shoulder or it hits the ground with anything in it.

I need more organic bags!

Love them! Sturdy, well made, and make the perfect grocery bag

Better than Patagucci

Bought “Patagucci” sets for my family a few years ago, my fork snapped , so the hunt was on for replacement. This E Ethical set seems superior; stouter biuld ( the knife actually has some teeth :), the fork is beefier, seems well designed ( not two dementional like the Gucci). Good price point too. Time will tell, ultimately :)

Organic Cotton Straining Bags

My favorite!

I have purchased these items on two separate occasions simply because I absolutely enjoy using these products and wanted to have more since there are many way to use the same product! My current favorite is the round cotton pad I like to use to wash my face, remove makeup, as a bath sponge for my toddle! I also used these round cotton pads to make aromatherapy mixtures for large rooms! The possibilities are endless with these awesome reusable products!

love them

These cotton bags are perfect. I got mesh cotton for produce, a french market bag and a canvas bag — and honestly, they make me a little more excited to get out and grocery shop every week. They're sturdy and they look nice. Even better, they aren't plastic!

Great product!

Produce bags

Excellent bags, well made, and great sizes.

Love love looooovvveeeee these products!

My favorites so far are the reusable wipes and face pads. First purchased the filter bags to strain infused herbs so I had to try more and am glad I did !

Best grocery bag!

I am exceedingly happy with my purchase. Very strong bag.

Organic cotton produce bags

Great quality . I just recently received the bags and so far produce is staying fresh after 5 days , kale hasn’t even wilted . Love the lunch bag . Very reasonably priced. Would definitely buy again and would recommend

Produce bags

Excellent product. Reduce our use of plastics!

Great product!

I love those bags and use them every time for grocery shopping.