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A baby’s brand-new skin is ultra-sensitive and demands nothing but the softest and gentlest stuff wrapped around it. Say hello to organic cotton – an all-natural, airy, and non-toxic fabric perfect for your little one.

A blanket made from organic cotton goes a long way in giving the snuggliest naps to your baby while bringing peace of mind to you.

Why Choose Organic Cotton Blankets for Your Baby

When it comes to buying a baby blanket, you’ll find yourself flooded with tons of synthetic, natural, and blended fabric-based options. Making a choice can be agonizing as you’re always left wondering if the blanket you like is safe enough to be around the baby at all times.

It’s time to take the guesswork out of the way by snuggling your baby in a delicate, temperature-regulating, and skin-friendly blanket. In other words, an organic baby blanket made with organic cotton. Here are all the reasons why these blankets are the smartest choice for you and your baby.

Better for the Planet: Despite its plant-derived origins, traditional cotton is not the best choice for your baby or the planet. There are huge amounts of energy, water, and harsh chemicals involved in the farming and manufacturing of cotton. Being so popular also makes cotton producers resort to unsustainable and chemical-intensive cultivation and harvesting practices. The heavy use of chemicals contaminates soil and waterways. This, in turn, negatively impacts human health as well as that of flora and fauna.

Organic cotton farming, on the other hand, steers clear of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, relying on natural methods to enhance soil fertility. Its water and energy consumption is also substantially lower. Simply put, this cotton variety packs all the goodness of regular cotton while being non-toxic, sustainable, and better for the planet.

Soft: Cotton is hailed as the “Fabric of Our Lives” for a good reason. It’s a nature-derived, soft, and incredibly versatile fabric used to make several household products, from bedding to clothing to cleaning. Organic cotton is just as soft as regular cotton, even more so thanks to its long fibers, all of which are carefully handpicked. If you’re looking for an exceptionally soft cotton blanket, you might want to explore our delicate muslin quilts - so soft and gentle that they mimic a mother’s touch.

Snug and Breathable: Babies can’t adapt to temperature variations and end up losing heat much faster than adults. They are also prone to overheating and getting a heat rash. What they need is a blanket that keeps them warm while also allowing a good flow of air. Organic cotton is one of the very few fabrics that manage to strike that balance.

Skin-Friendly: Newborn’s skin is very porous and much times thinner than an adult’s. And it typically won’t take long for a piece of rough-textured fabric containing nasty chemicals to irritate a baby’s skin. Our baby blankets are made with hypoallergenic organic cotton fabric. And no part of their production involves harsh chemicals, toxic dyes, or bleaches.

Ethically Made: Because it’s so popular, cotton’s production is susceptible to unfavorable practices in agriculture as well as manufacturing. Thanks to renowned certification organizations, you can now vet if your product has been ethically made.

The cotton we use is all-natural without harmful chemicals, meaning it is environmentally and socially responsible. Every stage of its production satisfies strict criteria, including proper working conditions and fair wages. In other words, choosing certified organic cotton blankets over others is good for everyone – babies, parents, workers, and farmers.

Durable: Babies are the tidiest humans and you’ll be washing their bedding and clothing - a lot! All that relentless washing and drying calls for a durable blanket. As a high-quality fabric that is not mass-produced, organic cotton lasts longer than synthetic textiles. That’s not all. The fact that it is farmed and processed without chemicals means organic cotton fibers retain their protective wax and don’t break as easily as regular cotton. The result is a long-lasting fabric that gets softer wash after wash.

Care Tips to Make Organic Cotton Baby Blankets Last Even Longer

Frequent spills, spit-ups, and messy drools mean you need blankets that can withstand frequent washing, sometimes even multiple times a day. As a soft yet highly resilient fabric, organic cotton is the stuff of dreams for baby blankets. But a little care can go a long way in making these blankets last even longer.

Machine Washable: Use a gentle cycle and opt for cold or lukewarm water to keep the fibers intact and avoid shrinkage.

Clean Spots and Stains: To avoid spills and stains from setting in, gently dab the area using a damp cloth and mild detergent before tossing the blanket in the washer.

Use a Gentle Laundry Cleanser: Use a mild laundry detergent, preferably plant-based, as strong chemicals can damage the soft fibers of the blanket.

Avoid Chemicals: Do not bleach and skip the fabric softeners to maintain the softness and integrity of natural organic cotton fibers.

Tumble Dry on Low: Use a low setting and add wool dryer balls to reduce drying time and save energy. Even better, skip the dryer altogether and use a drying rack or clothesline to air dry the blankets.

Iron with Care: Iron the blankets on the lowest setting to remove wrinkles. This will prevent the fabric from losing its softness. We recommend placing a cloth between the iron and fabric to create a protective barrier, especially for our muslin blankets.

Organic Cotton Baby Blankets for Eco-Conscious Snuggles

Organic Cotton Mart’s baby blankets are designed to keep babies and their eco-conscious parents happy and healthy. Take your pick from the fluffy waffle knit design and delicate muslin quilts to keep your baby comfy during sleepytime, playtime, and everything in between. 

Waffle Weave Blanket for All Season Comfort

Available in 34” x 42” size and three lovely hues - blue, ivory, and gray - our waffle baby blankets are carefully crafted for year-round use. 

Thermoregulating: The unique texture of a waffle knit traps heat to keep the baby warm, while cotton’s signature airiness makes sure they never get too hot. Use this blanket as a breathable cover to keep your baby dry and cool during warmer months and as an additional layer in the colder weather. 

Eye-Catching: Our waffle knit blanket sports a plush, interesting texture, making it a worthy addition to your baby’s nursery. These don’t just look good. They are pretty cuddly, too - acting as a cocoon for your baby while they nap blissfully.

Versatile: Measuring 34” x 42,” our waffle blankets are perfectly sized to accompany your baby during a wide number of everyday activities. They fold down to a compact size and can be carried along everywhere. Use them as a crib blanket, swaddle blanket, play map, bassinet, or stroller cover - the list is endless.

Gift-Worthy: The luxurious appearance and versatility make these baby blankets a thoughtful gift for new parents and parents-to-be.

Muslin Quilts and Swaddle Blankets for the Best Snuggles

Organic Cotton Mart’s top-selling muslin quilts are consciously crafted using four layers of 100% GOTS-certified cotton to give your baby the most blissful and restful naps. Our collection includes swaddle blankets made from breathable and lightweight muslin gauze. Bundling your little ones in these creates a soft sanctuary, keeping their newborn reflexes from waking them up.

From Womb to the World: Nothing beats a mommy’s loving touch, but these muslin blankets come pretty close. Our 4-layered muslin quilts are perfect for keeping your baby cozy all season long. Meanwhile, our gauzy muslin swaddles make them feel safe and tucked in, softening their transition from the womb to the world.

Cozy and Moisture-Wicking: Soft and delicate muslin sports a plain loose weave, which gives it highly absorbent properties. It dries fairly quickly, too, keeping your baby cool and dry in the summer. Meanwhile, a four-layer design ensures your baby gets ample warmth on wintery days.

Lightweight and Foldable: This quilt is lightweight and can be folded down to a smaller size and stashed easily inside a bag or tucked under the stroller.

Practical and Versatile: In the nursery or out and about, the 30” x 40” sized muslin quilts and 47” x 47” swaddle blankets are a must-have accessory at all times. Thanks to their classic design, these blankets can be useful even after your baby has outgrown swaddling. Stock up on these and use them as a crib blanket, burp cloth, nursing coverup, stroller shade, or a multi-purpose cleaning cloth to mop up spills and spit-ups.

Organic Baby Blankets - A Future-Friendly Choice for Your Baby and the Planet

Nothing matters more for parents than keeping their tiny tots safe and comfortable at all times. Let us make your life easier with our soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic blankets.

No step in the making of our baby blankets involves any harmful chemicals or substances that could irritate your newborn’s tender skin or harm Mother Earth. So, go ahead and choose from Organic Cotton Mart’s selection of gender-neutral, eco-friendly, and durable waffle weave blankets or 4-layered muslin quilts.

Regardless of what you pick, you know you’re making the right investment for your growing family.