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  • Mesh Produce Bags

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    reusable cotton mesh producecotton net produce bags
  • Canvas Grocery Tote Bags

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    reusable canvas tote bagsorganic cotton tote bag with pockets
  • Muslin Produce Bags

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    cotton muslin vegetable bagsproduce bags muslin cotton
  • Reusable Farmer's Market Bags Set

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    set of muslin, mesh and tote bagorganic mesh produce bags
  • Mesh Shopping Bag

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    mesh market bagsmesh fruit shopping bags
  • Mesh & Fabric Tote Bag

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    Mesh & Fabric Tote BagCotton Mesh Fabric Tote Bag
  • Collapsible Grocery Shopping Bags

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    Collapsible Canvas Grocery Shopping BagsOrganic Cotton Grocery Shopping Bags
  • Onion Storage Bags

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    bags for storing onionLarge 14"x18" cotton mesh bags
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Choosing Farmer’s Market Bags for a Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re a fan of fresh produce and local goods, chances are that you’ve been to your fair share of farmer’s markets. Safely carrying your market finds is much easier when you’ve got farmer’s market bags of exceptional quality.

Nowadays, with everyone doing their part to be more environmentally conscious, plastic bags don’t make the cut. Not only do plastic bags pollute our oceans and countryside, but their increasingly lower quality means they don’t make shopping easier.

Furthermore, as plenty of cities have banned plastic bags, finding bags for farmer’s markets that don’t harm the environment seems like a logical next step. After all, it’s the small decisions that we make every day that affect the bigger picture.

Selecting the right farmer’s market bags for your next market trip can make a real difference in your eco-conscious shopping experience. In this article, we’ll explore what characteristics to look for on the hunt for the perfect farmer’s market bag.

Why You Should Use a Reusable Farmers Market Tote Bag

When it comes to selecting the right bag for your farmer’s market trip, the old adage of quality over quantity is exceptionally true. Reusable bags are ideal for farmer’s markets because they do twice the work of ‘disposable’ bags.

The nature of reusable bags dictates their ability to withstand more and even occupy less space. Nearly everyone has one of those junk drawers in their home that is stuffed full of plastic or paper bags from stores. Unfortunately, those are hardly ever our go-to bags when it comes to heading out to the market.

Although plastic bags are a dime a dozen, they can only be reused so many times before they rip and become unusable. On the other hand, textile bags are durable, easy to clean, and infinitely reusable.

Their ability to be used again and again makes textile bags much better for the environment. In the event that your bag gets ripped or comes unsown, mending it in a pinch is easy. All in all, reusable bags can save you time, money, and help you do something nice for the environment at the same time.

Best Materials for Farmer’s Market Bags

The term textile bag is quite broad and encompasses a lot of different types of bags; however, not all textiles are ideal for farmer’s markets. Below you’ll find our three favorite textiles for fantastic farmer’s market bags.

  • Organic Cotton - Lightweight, breathable, and quite possibly the most comfortable textile, it’s no wonder why people love cotton. However, choosing organic cotton makes a big difference to the amount of pollution it causes the environment. In terms of farmer’s market bags, organic cotton is an excellent choice because it’s easy to store, clean, and extremely easy to mend. There are reusable produce bags as well as cotton tote bags.
  • Straw - Evoking the look and feel of summer, straw makes a very sturdy farmer’s market bag. Anyone who regularly buys bulky items at markets such as cans, jars, or heavy vegetables will undoubtedly benefit from a strong straw farmer’s market bag. While straw is durable, once it’s broken, it's not so easy to fix. Ergo, taking good care of your straw bag is crucial.
  • Jute- Much like cotton, jute is a lightweight textile that is perfect for farmer’s market bags. Often used to transport shipments of coffee beans, jute bags are strong enough to handle almost anything you toss in them. Nonetheless, due to their rougher texture, not everyone would agree that they’re the most comfortable bag to use for a farmer’s market.

The Importance of Reusable Produce Bags at a Farmer’s Market

Our modern-day shopping habits have made us accustomed to seeing plastic bags on nearly everything. Whether it’s fruits, vegetables, or meat, it can be hard to purchase fresh food without plastic. Therefore, bringing your reusable produce bags to a farmer’s market is essential to reducing your waste.

More and more people are carrying their own bags and rejoicing at the fact that they generate less trash.

Utilizing reusable produce bags helps us reevaluate the way we shop as a whole.

Often, out of convenience, we buy the bigger pack of fruit or vegetables, thinking that we’re getting a bargain. Realistically, however, we don’t always end up eating all of it, and it ends up in the garbage. With reusable bags, we can shop more consciously, buying only what we need and sending less food to the landfill. Both our wallets and the environment will thank us when we shop thoughtfully and sustainably with reusable produce bags.

Where to Find Farmer’s Market Bags

Finding quality farmer’s market bags at a reasonable price doesn’t have to be complicated. At Organic Cotton Mart we offer reusable organic cotton totes and reusable produce bags that are perfect for farmer’s markets. Our totes have compartments that help you secure bottles and jars, ensuring that your market finds make it home safe.

We also stock produce bags for fruits, vegetables, and nuts. All of our bags are available in a wide array of sizes and shapes, so you’re sure to find the best bag for your next market shop.

If you’re not sure how many bags to buy, we offer sets that combine totes and produce bags. These sets are excellent for shoppers who like to mix and match their bags in order to always have lots of flexibility while shopping around.

Designed with shoppers in mind, our bags even include their tare weight on the tag which allows the cashier or shop assistant to easily deduct their weight from your purchase. Shopping at farmer’s markets just became that much easier!

Enjoy Your Next Market with a Farmer’s Market Bag

Farmer’s markets are wonderful places to shop local and rejoice in the delights of fresh food and handmade goods. When you have dependable farmer’s market bags that you can count on, you’ll always be ready to carry home whatever you find. Never leave home without your sustainable farmer’s market bags and you’ll be able to enjoy every farmer’s market to the fullest.