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Reusable Farmer's Market Bags Set

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  • 100% Organic Cotton Farmer's Market Bags Set
  • Includes 4 Mesh Cotton Produce Bags (1 each of XL, L, M and S), 4 Muslin Cotton Bags (1 each of XL, L, M, S) and 1 Cotton Tote Bag
  • Reusable & Washable.
  • Environment-friendly.
  • Tare weight on the label.

Small: 8 inches X 10 inches
Medium: 10 inches X 12 inches
Large: 12 inches X 15 inches
X-Large: 14 inches X 18 inches

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  • 9 Piece Farmers Market Grocery Bag Set: Each pack comes with 4 Muslin Fabric Produce Bags, 4 Cotton Mesh Bags, and your choice of 1 Multi-Compartment Tote Bag, mesh tote or mixed mesh fabric tote to provide you with a simpler, cleaner, and safer way to buy and store groceries, fruits, vegetables, etc. while keeping them fresh for longer
  • Durable And Reusable: Our reusable mesh produce bags and grocery bags that you can use at farmers market are made using only 100% organic cotton without relying on any plastics or harsh materials. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean to make sure they can handle daily use even in the long run
  • Keep Groceries Organized: Thanks to the multi-compartment tote bags, you can easily organize, buy and store produce or groceries while saving time and effort. The reusable cotton grocery bags come in different sizes to meet your everyday shopping and storage needs
  • Say No To Plastics At Farmers Market: These farmer's market bags are the perfect choice for anyone that wants to stop relying on single-use plastic bags and embrace a cleaner alternative. Our fabric and mesh bags are reusable, washable, and biodegradable so they can safely be disposed of
  • Foldable And Lightweight: This reusable grocery shopping bags set uses a foldable design which coupled with their lightweight and durable fabric allows you to easily take them with you anywhere you go. They can easily be stored in your car, purse, or even pockets to keep them within arm’s reach


Our bags are extremely versatile, which makes them a great investment. Below are the sizes of each bag:

  • S – 8"x10"
  • M – 10"x12"
  • L – 12"x15"
  • XL - 14"x18"

We guarantee the quality of every item and promise fast delivery. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product you can always return it for full refund. We will even pay for the return shipping.

These produce bags are made in India using the finest and locally grown organic cotton. The fabric is 100% cotton.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Great set, with just the right things. 'Wish they were pre-shrunk

I LOVE this set. It's a thoughtfully curated collection, and the individual pieces seems to be sturdy and well made (I haven't had them very long yet). I've been using muslin bags for fridge storage of leafy greens for years, but I finally got it about taking cotton produce bags to the store with me -- and that mesh bags replace paper or plastic produce bags while there, for things that don't need to be stored damp.

The big bag has nice wide straps so it doesn't dig into your shoulder when heavy, and the bottle holders inside keep the hard things from squishing your produce, which is nice.

I like the size array of the muslin and mesh bags, and whomever thought to put their tare weights on the tags was brilliant. I might wish for one more each of the mediums, but this is a good starter set that lets people get a sense of what they like to use most - then they can order more.

The two improvements I'd like to see are kind of related.
A) I wish they were pre-shrunk. I don't really mind that they shrink when you wash them, but it's just stupid to tell people that they have to be washed cold. Any fabric that spends extended periods of time in contact with food--especially if also damp (which is the only way to preserve leafy greens in the fridge)--is going to have to be washed and dried hot, sooner or later, to kill mold and bacteria that will eventually build up and make food rot sooner. Not to mention if you want to try to get food stains out of them.

So why not sew them oversized, shrink them before selling and then be honest about the size of bag we're getting? The way it is now, some people will feel mislead or disappointed when they shrink. If you preshrink them, no problems.

B) Once the mesh bags shrink, the fibers thicken and the bags are much harder to see through, making it difficult to tell what I have in my refrigerator. Wider weave maybe? or thinner threads if they would still be sturdy? I haven't tried washing the shopping bag yet, so don't know what's going to happen with shrinkage, there.

I keep trying to invent a labeling system. Hey OCM, how about snap-on cotton tag sets (single snap, heavy fabric the size of a pinky finger--like an oversized zipper pull) with the names of common produce items pre-printed on them? Maybe even a graphic of the fruit or veggie named? You could do separate sets for fruits, green leafy veggies, root (and other non-leafy) veggies, "most common" (or most requested), and a blank set for people to write their own (maybe include a few blanks in each pre-printed set, too). Put the bottom part of one snap on each bag (not in the seam - on the flat part) and the top part of a snap at the top of each label tag. I'll help you come up with what to include in each set, if you want.

Anyway -- overall, I really like these and highly recommend them.

Ingrid P
I like my Farmers Market Bag Set

This is my second set of Farmer's Market Bags, the large canvas bag is sturdy and great to carry my shopping at the farmers market. Some threads in the small muslin bag are loose but should be easy to fix. I really like my bags

Jackie G

Great product and service!

Roberto Ortiz

Cotton Tote could be bigger

Lynne Duguay
Love this market bag set

Came exactly as I hoped it would. Wonderful quality and VERY versatile. Thanks!

Valentina De oro
Just amazing

The bag is just perfect. Really nice material. It's cotton and organic. You can wash it with your clothes. Each bag has a tag that specifies how much weight you can put in it and how much does the bag weights. So if people at the market weights the bags ... they can deduct whatever weight that bag has. Just amazing. It's worth the price for such a good product. I choose the cotton market bag and it comes with compartiments that you can use to put your green veggies. It's perfect. My leafy greens doesn't get brust or squeeze in the bag. Perfect for farmer's market.

Loretta Regalia
Awesome bags.

Perfect for shopping of any sort.

Great product

I got this as a gift for my mom and she uses it every time that she goes to the story. They are convenient, clean and get the job done with no waste. They are a nice size and fabric, good for storage and transportation. We could not be happier

Alexander Kuznetsov
Exactly what I wanted.

Excellent alternative to plastic bags.

Works Great

I enjoy being able to reuse these bags when shopping and the mixed tote is very sturdy