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Mesh Produce Bags

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  • Made from 100% natural cotton
  • Reusable, Washable & Breathable
  • Helps reduce plastic waste
  • Tare weight on the label
  • Comes in plastic-free packaging

Small: 8 inches X 10 inches
Medium: 10 inches X 12 inches
Large: 12 inches X 15 inches
X-Large: 14 inches X 18 inches

Miss Garden Elf
Awesome for harvesting & hiking

Purchased the bags for harvesting plants in the forest. Cotton bags are lightweight, can see what is in the bag, allows plants to breathe, and easy to clean. Cotton bags are my thank you to Nature for her kindness. Thank you to Organic Cotton mart for these bags.

Wave Design


Our reusable mesh produce bags are made from 100% cotton and make a great addition to any eco-friendly product line. We offer a range of bundles and sizes all at a competitive price to ensure buyers are getting the best bargain on reusable net produce bags. Wholesale discounts make our bags a great investment for businesses, and our high-quality reusable mesh produce bags come with a 5-star reputation from hundreds of happy customers. Every bag is guaranteed high quality, made with the finest cotton ethically sourced from India. Our cotton mesh produce bags are not only soft to the touch, but also durable and up to the task of carrying produce ranging from peanuts to potatoes.


The reusable net produce bags come in four different sizes to serve a variety of carrying needs. We promise quick and reliable delivery with full refunds available if our cotton mesh produce bags do not meet your satisfaction.

Sizes available for ordering include:

  • Small – 8" x 10"
  • Medium – 10" x 12"
  • Large – 12" x 15"
  • Extra-large – 14" x 18"

Every bag is made with fine 100% certified cotton with guaranteed reusability. Our small bags are great for storing nuts and tender berries, while the extra-large bags can take on heavier weight classes and make great storage bags for onions and potatoes. Bags are washable and can easily be cleaned in a cold-water wash and hung to dry. Not only are they convenient and easy to care for, but every bag is tagged with the tare weight for accurate pricing at the till. Our cotton mesh produce bags are designed with the customer in mind, serving as a reliable and easy-to-maintain reusable bag that makes a great addition to any household.


Organic Cotton Mart’s reusable net produce bags have many uses, from reusable shopping bags to durable produce storage.

cotton mesh produce bags

Some of these great uses include:

  • Reusable shopping bags for vegetables, fruit, and legumes
  • Lightweight alternative to glass jars for bulk shopping
  • Storage bags for produce with breathable cotton to help fruit and veggies breathe in the fridge and reduce molding
  • Storage bags to keep greens fresh by simply dampening the bags before filling


Our reusable mesh produce bags are incredibly versatile and easily washable, allowing for extended reusability in the kitchen. The cotton mesh produce bags are perfect for storing vegetables and greens and also shopping for bulk items at the grocery store. Not only are they great for shopping, but the reusable net produce bags also make for perfect food storage bags in the fridge. Everyone knows fridges are designed to keep food cool and preserved, but what they may not know is they are often dry, and this causes greens to wilt. The cotton fabric and design of the reusable net produce bags let food and produce breathe, reducing the risk of molding, and wilting while food is stored. To keep greens from drying out, simply dampen the bag before loading it with your favorite greens. With this simple trick for our cotton mesh produce bags, you will have crispier lettuce for your favorite salads.


Single-use plastics wreak havoc on environments around the globe, and many plastics can take over 500 years to decompose in landfills. Our oceans are filled with plastic waste, and plastic bags are one of the big culprits. Plastic pollution directly threatens ecosystems and the animals living within them, and we are all responsible for taking steps to reduce our own environmental footprint. Approximately 380 billion plastic bags and wraps are used each year in the USA alone – that’s a lot of plastic being sent to the landfill! A minuscule number of plastic bags are recycled every year, with the vast majority winding up in landfills or being blown into waterways and oceans. Plastic pollution is a global issue, but we are all responsible for doing our part in relieving the environment of harmful plastic waste.

As consumers become more and more aware of the dangers of continuing plastic consumption, the market for reusable products grows. Some grocers have even banned plastic bags in the store, meaning investing in reusable bags could become a welcomed necessity. Single-use plastics are on their way out, and reusable is in. The good news is, Organic Cotton Mart has an entire line of eco-friendly reusable bags that make going green easy and affordable. Our cotton mesh produce bags come in a variety of sizes with bundle deals available to make the investment in reusable affordable. With our reusable mesh produce bags, shoppers can reduce their environmental footprint one bag at a time.

produce bags of cotton

Making a move to reusable has not only environmental benefits but also financial ones. Rather than spending five or 10 cents at the grocery store for every plastic bag needed, bringing reusable net produce bags with you to the store will keep your nickels and dimes in your wallet. Buying plastic bags may not seem like a big expenditure, but compounded plastic bag spending adds up throughout the year and is easily avoidable by investing in reusable shopping bags. With reusable net produce bags, shoppers can have a reliable bag to bring to the store and keep more money in their pockets over time. Investing in reusable mesh produce bags is a win-win for both you and the environment!

Cotton mesh produce bags are the perfect addition to any household looking to make greener changes. Our bags are high quality, durable, and affordable with discounts and bundle deals readily available. Our 100% certified cotton bags are lightweight and soft to the touch, but don’t be fooled by our bag’s softness; every bag is guaranteed to hold against heavier produce items and serve as a reusable shopping bag that is perfect for fruits, vegetables, nuts… you name it! The reusable net produce bags make a great addition to the kitchen and are a simple way you can make your household more eco-friendly. We guarantee our cotton mesh produce bags will find a place in any household.

Looking to purchase more than 50 bags? Please check our Wholesale Mesh Produce Bags.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 786 reviews
Love these!

Work so well for my produce shopping needs. Lightweight and easy to use!

Repeat Produce Bag Buyer

We’ve used these bags for years, I prefer that there are no metal pieces. Other brands do and the pieces eventually break off. The rang of sizes are great.

Frances Maclean

The mixed sizes of the bags are very useful. They help me enormously in my personal compaigne against plastic.

Stephanie White
Quick delivery! They are exactly what I wa...

Quick delivery! They are exactly what I was looking for.

Adilene Murphy
Excellent quality and quick service!

Excellent quality and quick service!

Virg Okuneva
Exactly what I wanted, and I ordered two s...

Exactly what I wanted, and I ordered two sets to give out as gifts. The bags are super sturdy and look easily cleanable. Thrilled to add these to the grocery outings and be a bit more environmentally minded.

Dillon Johnson
Good product

This field is required, it does it's job and it's quality at a decent price

Mary Legros
Helping us get plastic out of our lives!

Helping us get plastic out of our lives!

Kelli Dicki
Really nice bags! Good quality & size. Fas...

Really nice bags! Good quality & size. Fast shipping too!

Donna Flatley
I love these produce bags. Plastic is my...

I love these produce bags. Plastic is my worst nightmare and I would avoid getting produce in grocery stores just to avoid having to put them in the plastic bags. These are so great and I love that they have the weight on the tags to take off at the register.