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Collapsible Grocery Shopping Bags

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  • SAVE 23%
  • Sustainable Grocery Bags with Flat Bottom
  • Collapsible, Sturdy and Reusable
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Versatile And Multi-Purpose
  • Size: 12" x 11" x 9" inches

12 inches x 11 inches x 9 inches


  • Sustainable Bags for Shopping: Each pack comes with 3 sustainable and reusable shopping bags with handles so you don’t have to rely on plastic bags again while being easy to use and carry making them ideal for all your shopping trips
  • Sturdy And Reusable: These stand-up grocery shopping totes are made using organic cotton canvas with cardboard inserts on all sides and the bottom to make sure they are reusable and won’t spill over even when filled or placed in your car trunk
  • Space-Saving Design: Our reusable bags for grocery shopping use a foldable design allowing you to easily fold them flat after you’re done so you can store them in your trunk or kitchen drawers without taking up much space  
  • Versatile And Multi-Purpose: The reusable canvas bags measure 12 x 9 x 11 inches to give you all the space you need to store groceries and can be used as a storage basket, food delivery bag, pantry organizer, and more making them a versatile addition to any home  
  • Easy To Clean: Our produce bags with handles are machine washable and biodegradable making them the ideal choice for anyone that’s tired of using plastic shopping bags and wants to reduce their plastic waste output to help support a cleaner environment  

We designed our reusable canvas grocery bags with everyday shoppers in mind to provide them a simpler, cleaner, and convenient way to carry groceries while keeping them safe. They are made with reinforced sides and bottom to make sure you never have to worry about the groceries spilling out or rolling around in the trunk of your car.

The canvas tote bag set is designed to fit comfortably in most shopping carts to help you stay organized while the soft yet strong handles make it easier for you to carry them around. The reusable grocery bags for shopping cart are machine washable, quick-drying, and made using biodegradable organic cotton.

Thanks to the large size coupled with the sturdy build, our kitchen reusable grocery bags can be used as laundry bags, picnic bags, toy organizers for kids, storage containers, and more! Once you’re done you can simply fold them down to store making them just the right choice for any modern home.

Say good-bye to single-use plastic bags and make shopping simpler with our set of 3 reusable grocery bags!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sandy A

My disappointment is two-fold: odor and shrinkage. I purchased 6 of these bags. Removed the cardboard and proceeded to wash the bags in cold water and hung them to dry. Did not use the dryer. To my amazement, the odor was from the cardboard, not the bags. So I sprayed the cardboard with Lysol, which helped. My problem came to fruition when trying to insert the cardboard back into the bags. Extremely difficult. Then the flaps would not cover the cardboard due to the shrinkage…at least an inch or more. I ended up cutting the tops of 7 pcs of cardboard so the flaps close. The bottom flap on each of my bags fit ok.
I only corrected one of my bags. Have not started cutting the cardboard on the rest. It’s a bit difficult using a scissors and I do not have a paper cutter.
In retrospect the bag is durable and put together really well, if you can ignore the shrinkage and
odor. Thank you.

Mike Howard
Nice design

Very nice design. Reasonably well sized. I especially like that the sidewalls and floor are velcroed in so they can be easily replaced.

Earth lover
Love love love these!

I absolutely love this company! When these collapsible grocery shopping bags first came out I bought two just to try them out since I already loved their products. I’ve gotta say these are my absolute favorite product now! I get so many compliments from baggers and anyone who sees them. They are the best! So sturdy and eco friendly at the same time! I just bought six more to give as gifts and more to have for shopping. You won’t regret buying these!