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Onion Storage Bags

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  • Set of 3 Bags - 14"x18"
  • 100% Organic Cotton Mesh
  • Reusable and Washable
  • Mesh Fabric allows ventilation to store root vegetables
  • Multi-purpose reusable produce bags
Wave Design

  • Protect And Hold Onion & Other Root Vegetables: Our cotton mesh bags for storing onions are gentle on even delicate vegetables and fruits to prevent any bruising when storing at home or carrying while the drawstring closure makes sure everything stays safely inside and fresh
  • 100% Organic Cotton Mesh: The onion storage bags are made using only 100% organic cotton knit fabric to make sure they are both strong and lightweight. They are resistant to tearing and offer a high loading capacity so they can hold more than plastic bags
  • Reusable And Washable: Our onion storage bags for the pantry are designed with day-to-day use in mind. They are biodegradable and can easily be cleaned by washing in cold water and then air-drying so you can keep reusing them even in the long run
  • Versatile And Practical: These onion potato storage bags are suitable for storing a wide range of veggies and fruits including tomatoes, mushrooms, apples, berries, peaches, plums, mangoes, bananas, and more while being lightweight for easy carrying
  • Preserve Freshness: Thanks to the breathability of the onion holder storage bags, they help keep groceries and produce fresh for longer by allowing them to breathe. We don’t rely on any single-use plastics to help minimize waste output for a cleaner environment

We wanted to bring you onion storage bags that were 100% Organic, Reusable and Safe for long-term use. This is why we combine organic cotton with a mesh bag design to offer just the right balance of quality, breathability, and durability so you can easily store and carry both produce and groceries while keeping them safe. With these produce storage mesh bags, you won’t have to rely on single-use plastic bags again.

They are made to last, are easy to maintain, and offer more breathability to preserve the freshness of your produce and groceries. We use strong stitching to add another layer of durability and resist tearing which coupled with the quality cotton fabric make sure the potato and onion storage bags can handle day-to-day use. Our onion-holding mesh bags are washable to make reusing a breeze and soft enough to prevent bruising or damaging your groceries.

Reduce waste output, support a clean environment, and keep your veggies fresh with our organic cotton mesh produce bags!

Wave Design

Customer Reviews

Based on 346 reviews
Karen H

I am committed to not using plastic produce bags. These mesh bags are a great replacement. I like that they are washable.

Great option

Product just as described, would recommend.

Marci Erney
Awesome product!

Love these bags, cutting down so much at store on plastic produce bags. Also use one for spinning washed lettuce outdoors. Works great! Bye bye plastic salad spinner😃

California, USA
Awesome produce bags

Love these produce bags! Great quality, washed up great on sanitize cycle (really hot water), no scent for chemical sensitive noses and fast shipping! We highly recommend this site.

Cotton Produce Bags

As advertised. Just what I wanted.

Dorothy Chaffee
Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

These cotton mesh bags are very well made, and hold my produce.
I also use them for my fruit too, the draw string closure works real good.
These bags are a keeper.
Two thumbs up.

No more plastic bags

These are great bags. There are various sizes for any produce needs.

Kristee Rosendahl

Great quality, useful sizes and were just what I was looking for…

Laura Koenig
I really like these but they're hard to sort.

I actually get compliments at our local farmer's market about these -- from the vendors. They are so functional and simple. The one suggestion I have is this: I have taken to sewing little pieces of different-color fabric onto the labels so that I can tell the size when i've got them all clipped together. Do you have some friendly resilient dye that you could use on the labels to save me that little stitching task?

tom works

They look good quality, but they're not what i want. the mesh is too fine