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Cloth Bowl Covers

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  • Made from 100% Flax Linen
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Elastic closure to fit various bowl sizes
  • Unbleached and dye-free
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FABRIC FOOD BOWL COVERS – keep food fresh for longer with our reusable food covers with elastic. Suitable for glass, ceramic, wood, and metal bowls, you can easily add a linen cover to any dish to keep bugs off food and to prevent food from wilting or going bad. Our covers can be used in the refrigerator as a great alternative to plastic wrap

SIZE INFORMATION – with 4 eco-friendly food covers in every pack, they come in four sizes to ensure they fit all your bowls and dishes accordingly. 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, and 30cm diameter options are all included so you have more than enough to keep multiple dishes covered and fresh for longer

PREMIUM QUALITY – made from 100% organic linen, they feature a natural finish with no pattern. Designed to suit any kitchen decor style, they are a must-have for any home. Each linen food cover features an elastic edge to ensure it grips your bowl snugly to keep food from going bad if left uncovered

PRACTICAL AND EASY TO USE – ideal for a range of situations including picnics, barbeques, parties, and more. Prepare food in advance and place a cover for food over the top of the container to keep it fresh and crisp before serving. Great for leftovers too, you can simply slip a cover onto your bowl and place it in the refrigerator for the next day

AN ECO-FRIENDLY OPTION – plastic wrap isn’t great for the environment so do your bit for the planet and switch to our 100% organic linen alternatives. Fully reusable, they can be washed easily and used again and again for keeping food and drink items covered

Long-lasting Cloth Bowl Covers

Unlike disposable alternatives, our 4 pack of bowl covers can be utilized throughout the kitchen over and over. They are lightweight and easy to store, and the multiple-size options are designed to fit most bowls and dishes in domestic kitchens.

Keep your leftovers fresh

Ideal for picnics at the park, camping and a must-have for any RV. Prepare your food then cover it with a linen bowl cover to keep bugs and insects off. If you are planning a party or get-together and plan to offer a table full of different dishes to your guests then adding a linen cover to your bowls and dishes will keep things fresh, crisp, and looking great. You can easily slip the covers off when it’s time to eat!

Produce less food waste using these reusable food bowl covers

If you want to cut down on food waste then keep leftovers for the next day. Suitable for salads, cooked food, and everything in between, you can keep your kid's leftovers, pet food, and any other dishes for another day by placing them in a bowl and covering them with a linen food cover. The elastic edge will grip the container to ensure the contents stay covered, making sure anything inside is kept fresh without the need to chuck it in the trash.

BUY NOW and make the change from plastic wrap to our reusable linen bowl covers, it’ll do wonders for your wallet and the environment too!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Cloth bowl covers

These are the best ever! I use them to cover anything I put in the fridge. They work like a charm! Love the 100% organic cotton and very well made. Use these for so many food items. Put them over my beams soaking and homemade dough.


Great product and quick delivery.

Exactly what I was looking for.

Exactly what I was looking for.

Finally got to opening these up and they a...

Finally got to opening these up and they are amazing— exactly as described and extremely useful

Fast shipping. Product just as described.

Fast shipping. Product just as described.

Exactly as listed, these will be great for...

Exactly as listed, these will be great for proofing bread and covering my toddler's half finished meals

Received quickly. Very good quality. Using...

Received quickly. Very good quality. Using them in sour dough starters.

Quick shipping, good quality, good size va...

Quick shipping, good quality, good size variety.

Nice bowl covers and jars.

Nice bowl covers and jars.

Got here early which was just in time to g...

Got here early which was just in time to give as a Christmas gift!!