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Muslin Produce Bags

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  • Made from 100% Cotton
  • Reusable & Washable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Breathable produce bags to be used in the refrigerator
  • Tare weight on the label

Small: 8 inches X 10 inches
Medium: 10 inches X 12 inches
Large: 12 inches X 15 inches
X-Large: 14 inches X 18 inches

MUSLIN VEGETABLE BAGS: Are you looking for reusable muslin bags for your vegetable that are actually useful, strong, and convenient to have at hand? These bags go well with the cotton tote bags that are used to carry items home from the store. These muslin bags should be with you from refrigerator to store and back again.

Shopping at organic grocery stores means that eco-friendly choices are important to us, and so is protecting the planet.

One of the biggest choices that we often make out of habit, or out of necessity, is to use disposable bags for groceries and other items that are bought. Vegetables need to be kept in bags to help keep them fresh. They don’t have to be plastic bags, though. Reusable vegetable bags do the job just as well, and they don’t have to be thrown out after each use.

Plastic is a poor choice because plastic is bad for every aspect of the environment. Even paper bags, while a better choice, are not as useful as bags that are made from organic fibers. Paper bags are meant to be thrown away, while bags made from muslin or organic cotton are made to be washed and reused as many times as needed.

In order for a vegetable bag to be reusable and to keep produce fresh, both on the way home and in the refrigerator, it needs to be made from 100% organic cotton.

Reusable vegetable bags also have their own opening and closing system. Drawstrings are much easier than tying a knot or searching for a plastic tie to close the bag. The reusable vegetable bags are meant to fit inside the cotton tote bags that you take with you to the Farmers Market or the grocery store. Instead of bringing produce home without a bag, or in a disposable plastic bag, just put the items into the same bag that you will put them into in the fridge. The food stays fresh, and it doesn’t get damaged.

The reusable vegetable bags come in different sizes.

A standard purchase is a pack of 2 large reusable vegetable bags, 2 medium, and 2 small. This covers most people’s weekly needs. Buy more packs if needed. There are also X-large sizes available. They are so versatile that they can be used for any needs including even as toy bags for your toddler. Buy enough reusable vegetable bags that there are always some with you. 

At Organic Cotton Mart, we have reusable vegetable bags that meet all the requirements.

They are convenient, clean, always with you, and so easy to take care of. In the future, perhaps, more places will eliminate single use-plastics because more landfills and garbage disposals are becoming full. This decision is welcomed by many. Reusable vegetable bags and cotton totes are a simpler and more manageable choice from store to car to table. You never have to think about plastic again.

Organic Cotton Mart’s reusable vegetable bags are very convenient. They are made from strong, breathable cotton, have secure closings, and come in a needed variety of sizes.

Get yours today!


The days of plastic bags are limited as more and more people today don't want to sacrifice the health of our planet for a disposable bag. We offer you a fantastic, 100% 'green' solution that will help keep your produce fresh. Our top-quality organic cotton bags can be used to store anything you need, including fragile produce such as berries, herbs, and greens.

The best thing is that these bags are not only made from natural ingredients only, they are also reusable and can serve you for many years to come. Organic cotton is completely biodegradable, so even when you choose to bin the bag, you won't be hurting the environment.

Our reusable vegetable bag is completely biodegradable, so even when you choose to bin the bag, you won't be hurting the environment.


Our reusable fruits and vegetable bags are extremely versatile, which makes them a great investment. Below are the sizes of each bags:

  • XS - 6"x9" (Discontinued)
  • S – 8"x10"
  • M – 10"x12"
  • L – 12"x15"
  • XL - 14"x18"
size chart organic cotton bags

Looking to purchase more than 50 bags? Please check our Wholesale Muslin Produce Bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 201 reviews
Billieann Lucas

The bags are very nice?

Elysian Fields
Spacious and Useful

I really liked these bags, they are extremely useful for all sorts of daily uses and they fit a lot of veggies in a nice protective way. They are easy to clean and pack away in the car. I am even thinking about getting another set of these and having my nephew paint them for a Mother's day gift. These are just amazing.

Janet Rowland
Outstanding Product and Company

What wonderful products this company produces. Company is very responsive to customers and shipping was fast. Thank you!!

Wonderful Products

High quality

Molly Aston
Versatile grocery bags

Well made and versatile.

Susan Massari Cohn
Muslin produce bags

These are awesome! I am almost completely done with plastic, washable, great sizes. Good, quality product.

Oceanah D'amore
Good bye plastic bags

So happy to shift to these great cotton bags and not use plastic! All the fruit and veggies stay fresh and crisp. Good sizes!

Stacy Holland
Second time ordering the same products!

We used our Muslin produce bags so much they wore out and we had to buy again. These are the best!

Valbone Fisher
Great product!

I love those bags and use them every time for grocery shopping.

Natalie G

Excellent, highly recommended!