Organic Cotton Nut Milk Bags - Strainer Bags - 8 Bags Set

  • Made from 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton
  • Perfect to strain yogurt, coffee, almond milk, smoothie, etc.
  • Reusable & washable
  • Multi-size set - 2 each of S, M, L & XL.


        • DURABLE AND STURDY FOR QUALITY STRAINING: These organic cotton strainer bags are durable so that you can use them over and over without worry of them ripping or giving out when working with denser foods. They won't rip or stretch from original sizes, even when filled to capacity.  They also will keep your food or liquids effectively strained so that you don't find a pump in your juice or lose a berry through a stretched hole.
        • 5 SIZES FOR FILTERING OF FOOD OR LIQUIDS: Since your filtration needs are not going to be the same for everything, every time, these reusable cotton bags come in 5 sizes so that you can choose the right one for your needs each time you need one. No more working with the wrong products that just cause you more frustration than anything else in the long run.
        • REUSABLE AND WASHABLE: These reusable bags are washable so that you can keep on using them for different foods and liquids.  This is especially helpful if you have one bag that you use more than the others.  Just wash out and reuse.  It will work like new every time and you'll wonder how you ever did without them.
        • ECO-FRIENDLY OPTION FOR FILTRATION: Rather than use paper or plastic filtration options, be eco-friendly with these convenient filtration bags instead.  They're easy to take with you everywhere that you go and you will enjoy the fact that you are saving the earth at the same time when you use them.
        • DRAWSTRING CLOSURE: A sturdy drawstring closure keeps your food or liquid on the inside and the world on the outside.  Great for preventing cross-contamination or other people from stealing some of your food while you're straining it.  Also great for transporting your food from place to place if needed

        Each set includes 8 bags with 2 pieces of each size:

        Small: 3.5 x 5.25"
        Medium: 6 x 8"
        Large: 6 x 10"
        X-Large: 12 x 14"
      • Why switch to cotton straining bags

        There is nothing quite like having just the right thing on-hand when you need it.  Unfortunately, a lot of store-bought options are made of nylon or polyester which are not environment-friendly.  Especially when it comes to something like a straining container or bag. This cotton reusable strainer bag is going to be the perfect reusable option for you and your kitchen and outside use. 

        Durable and functional in your kitchen, while camping, or anywhere else where you need it, these reusable cotton bags are wonderful for proper organization and multiple uses as well.  From orange juice filtration to pasta to sauce to herbs, there is nothing that this cotton bag cannot do for your convenience.

        These bags come in packs of 8 (2 of each size), each of the five bags are unique sizes so that you can always get the perfect fit for your comfort and practicality.  You will be able to throw away the cheap cheesecloth or stained nylon or the hard-to-handle plastic ones that you've used before.  These organic cotton reusable strainer bags will help you enjoy the most out of your straining needs and you will see just how much you can gain when you go with the kitchen accessory to give it to you.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 299 reviews
        I LOVE these!

        These are perfect! They range in size enough that I can keep a few in my purse and the rest in the car for grocery shopping trips!


        Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Bags


        Great bags! Perfect size 👍🏼


        Organic Cotton Muslin Produce Bags

        Nice to skip the plastic

        I got the 9 piece set, and it's great! There's every size you need, plus the tote, which is sturdier than I thought it would be.
        It's a win-win for reusables and the environment.

        Cotton produce bags

        Lovely bags, well constructed. Cashiers at grocery have been impressed. So grateful to make even this tiny step toward reducing plastics. Thank you!

        Love them

        Great bags. I love that you can wet the bags to keep produce fresh for longer in the fridge once you bring it home. I bought the multipack of sizes and they are great! I can fit a lot even in the small bag.

        Love my news bags!

        I ordered the market bags, mesh totes and produce bags. Love love my new bags. I was expecting the mesh tote to be a little bigger, but I am happy with it. I see myself buying more bags in the future.

        Very nice

        So glad to have a large option to plastic bags at the grocery store and farmers markets.

        Second review

        As stated earlier, I love the mesh produce bags. I have already started using them and hope to use them for years to come.