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Organic Cotton Mesh & Fabric Tote Bag - 2 Bags

  • Reusable and washable
  • Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Versatile with varied uses including carrying books
  • Great Farmer's market
  • Environment-friendly


          • 100% ORGANIC COTTON - Our bags are proudly made of 100% organic cotton. Plastics are a huge threat to the environment while cotton is safe and eco-friendly. Making the switch today can improve pollution levels tomorrow!
          • MULTIPURPOSE BAG - This bag is up to the task for any of your carrying needs. If you need a new bag to carry your books to school, or if you want to hop on the reusable bag trend when you go grocery shopping, this bag is the perfect fit.
          • SPACIOUS DESIGN - Our cotton mesh design gives you an abundance of space to work with when carrying groceries or your beach-day supplies. This is especially great when you’re carrying groceries that you don’t want to squish such as bread or fresh produce.
          • LONG HANDLE FOR SHOULDER - We designed this bag to have an extra large handle to be able to fit over your shoulder comfortably so that you can carry heavier loads with less strain to your body.
          • DURABLE - The organic cotton and durable design are meant to make sure that this bag lasts for many trips to the grocery store, school, the beach, or anywhere else. Plastic bags often rip after a few uses, proving to be a waste.
        • Why switch to cotton mesh tote bags

          Almost everyone uses a bag to carry their valuable items to work, class, or grocery shopping. Now it’s time to think about your bag choice, and how you can make an eco-friendly decision. Plastic bags are a thing of the past, and our cotton mesh bags are the future.

          At the Organic Cotton Mart, we think about different ways that we can include cotton into people's everyday lives with the goal of decreasing the use of plastic. Our Cotton Mesh Bag is meant to replace all your plastic bags and make them a thing of the past. Plastic has been harming our Earth for too long and it’s time for a change of pace.

          Plastic bags can rip easily and lose color, while our cotton mesh bags are strong and durable to last you longer. Plastic bags are also harmful to the environment. Sometimes you use them once and they get thrown away because of rips and stretches. After that, they get sent to landfills and destroy our oceans and creates more pollution. Our mission is to stop that.

          Key Features

          • Super Durable
          • Long Arm Strap
          • Environmentally Friendly
          • 100% Organic Cotton
          • Stylish

          Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about your new cotton bag please do not hesitate to contact us

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    Great service! Needed a change made to my order and they took care of it almost immediately. Products arrived quickly. Can’t wait to give them as gifts!

    Excellent solution

    I love these organic cotton bags - both the mesh and the solid fabric. They have allowed me to show plastic-free at my local store and farmer’s market. They include the tare on each bag to make it easy to deduct the weight. This is the right product to help me and my family reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you!

    No more plastic waste

    I’ll be ordering more. These bags are terrific

    They’re cotton!

    I have Yet to use these bags, so time will tell. They are made from 100% heavy cotton. They have a drawstring, that I preferred over zip closures, but need to see how they hold up against “wet” produce, like parsley and cilantro. I’m hoping the woven cotton will absorb it.


    Love them


    Well made. Quick deluvery

    Just what we needed

    Wonderful. Made to last.

    Produce Bags

    Great product. I began using them the day they arrived, for shopping and for storage.